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Cultivating your Ideas Day 22

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This was a pretty good ass read I can say that. Straight forward, though the idea was a little, well a lot more different than what I was thinking. I love when the cards are like no bitch, this is what you really doing so stop deviating and get back on your grind.

2 trumps, 2 water, 2 earth, 1 fire

What needs the most cultivating, what is blocking it, how can I remove that negativity, what are must I focus on to let that happen, how will this happen, what must I continue to keep going, what is the result I will get.


Summer Solstice Day 21

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Happy Solstice everyone!

Well this read was interesting and as always I have a lot more to release which is fine with me. I am a little more up in the wind with this read.

4 air, 1 earth, 1 water, 1 trump

You at this moment, what is needed to shine light in your life, what do I shine brightest at, what is in the shadow that needs to be released, what will grow out of that release, how can I nurture it, what will radiate from me throughout the Summer and Fall. 20170621_164903

Dream Exploration Day 19 (late)

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This spread actually depending on Day 18’s reading. I focused on that reading, drew the three cards and did a dream exercise with them. They were all trump cards.


Reading the Chakras Day 18

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My chakra alignment is pretty decent. Of course there are things that I need to work on, but who doesn’t. Not to much to say about this spread, it speaks for itself.

1 earth, 1 air, 2 water and 3 trumps.

How are my chakras working with one another, and are there any more cleansing I need to do for them as a whole.


Crown Spread Day 17

Posted in Occult with tags , , , , , , , on June 17, 2017 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

The Chariot card stumped me a little bit, I ain’t going to lie but I was able to pull what he was saying.

1 water, 2 fire, 2 trumps.

Current state, blockages, needs to heal, need to unify enlightenment, and outcome of healing.


3rd eye Spread Day 16

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Man I am halfway through with this challenge. It has actually been amazing. i have been pulling some of the same cards, and then when I pull a new card, it always pack a whammy. Talk about putting me on my ass. My chakras are actually still holing up, even though I still have some work to do, but hey that is to be expected so I am totally fine with that.

1 water, 2 earth, 1 fire, and 1 trump. Seems to be expected so I am pleased with this elemental makeup, like I have been with all the others. I tell you, going back and putting these all into play is going to be a bitch. I have my 6 month Tarot spread written down on my calendars for their perspective months so that should be interesting. That means once I am finished this challenge this deck will not be put back together until next year. Don’t worry, I have 2 more to break in lol

Current state, what is blocking, messages form my dreams and intuition have for me, skills that need to be harnessed and worked on, outcome of chakra after connecting to wisdom.


Throat Spread Day 15

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Ha! My ass on time for once, let us see how long that will last. My chakra spreads are very interesting, and on point as usual. Talk about having a deck being in tune to you.

1 water, 1 earth, 1 fire and 1 trump, pretty balanced.

With how I am now, am I able to be honest with friends, partner and assoc, etc?

What does my inner self have to say?

What could be blocking my communication?

When my heart is balanced, how will it effect my throat?