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March’s Workings

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The main theme of this month is Shadow working, I will be doing this 3 times. One for the ToAF ( I want to perform and tweak it before it goes out), one for my mate (if he still wants to do it), and one for the Female Occult group I admin. Each three will be tailored for specific purposes of the group.

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This month will be research for next months #domagick challenge. I am really loving these bi monthly challenges. It really helps me focus on the project that I am doing.

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The Spring Equinox is approaching and I have a week long ritual planned along with a tarot spread.

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Two full and a new moon, so another 3 tarot spreads that are 3 days each. I try to maximize my spreads and really want to be better when it comes to the Moon cycles.

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There is the Rite to Lucifer that I am really looking forward to. I have been very bad at honoring those I love, and I am making sure that I make more of an effort. I mean I work with them, but to me I  fail at honoring them the way that I want to . So this year, I am going to enjoy my rites with them.


#domagick Day 1

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My altar is in its new home. It’s decked out and I already feels centered. I decided to focus on just moving everything where it should be, but decided to take my first day of the challenge and use that time to organize my altar and connect in a new place. I am loving it. It feels refresh and I felt so less stress setting it back up and placing everything where it am wanted to be.

I was even able to hang my picture up. I love this picture. I got it as a gift from a silent auction I attended in Philly a couple of years ago. It finally has been put up and the energy is complete.  I feel refresh and look forward to what is in store.

June Month Bust

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SO I called myself doing a Body/Mind/Soul detox and yoga/pilates lol. Well that went to shit the first week. I did start reading a couple of books, but the amount of researchable wrong information that they put in it made me stop. I just threw them in the trash, and we know how I am with books and other reading material. But I wouldn’t pass that on to anyone at all.

Instead I just wrote three rituals I am doing for my love’s order, and a connection for my research into the 7 Heads. I do have a decent August working coming up. I am working on collecting 365 tarot spreads so I can do a reading a day. At first I thought that I was going to do specific ones per day, well besides the moons and the sabbats, the others will be done whenever I pull them. It should be interesting. I have collected 290, thanks in part of my AA tarot group that posts some amazing spreads.

I am thinking of making 4 jars a month. No matter what it be, but to get more hands on. Be it teas (currently working on), root workings, incenses, or whatever else I can think of, I want it to be more natural to me.

I do need to make a few lists for the items I need and just by a lot of shit and stock myself up so I don’t have to keep modifying workings. Though I don’t need them, they do help the focus. I think making a few of my supplies as oppose to buying will always strengthen my workings, but it will also awaken more ideas and talents within me.

I spent this month focusing on class as I am in my toughest class yet Hematology. Man it is a bitch lol. I will have to do an updated academic post on my long and unexpected journey into more bullshit, but closer to my goal.

That is about it for now. I will be posting more when August comes for the workings. So stay tune.

May’s Workings

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So I broke down my 245 day working into months. It works easier as school is taking up so much of my time that I know I will be switching up and changing things. Seeing what fits and seeing what doesn’t. So here is a tentative breakdown:

Sundays: Daemonaltry/Goetia

Mondays: CC

Tuesdays: Draconian/Serpentine

Wednesdays: Elemental/Divination/Chakra Workings

Thursdays: Psychic Workings

Fridays: Ifa/Vodoun/ATR

Saturdays: Free day

Pretty hectic, but hey I know what I am doing for those days so it isn’t as much as you may think. I still do my daily prayers and visualizations. I have a Coven ritual to do, actually 2 of them. There is a full and new moon ritual, and 4 rituals to my Matron, Patron, the All, and my Guardians. I have roughly 15 days of meditations to do. That’s about it lol.

30 days. Lets see how this goes.



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