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#domagick Day 11

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“The ties that Bind” My theme for working with BaalBerith this morning. 
He didn’t appear for the beginning it was just light darkness with his sigil burning in the air. 6 areas to be exact. It is like they were branded on the wall. When they cooled they formed doors. I learned not to open door in meditation. That’s just a whole new thing that I’m not ready to start right now. However he had different plans. He grabbed my hand and threw me towards the door. I ended up floating and passing through the door and landing on my feet. It was like slow motion of me entering every door who threw me in.

Patience,  Humility, Compassion, Protection, Self Love and Truth ( Mirror) where behind those doors.

Walking with him his touch was ice cold, which I wasn’t ready for. I felt weightless. Like I was walking through clouds, walking on notbing, feeling nothing. I was smelling fresh cut grass and wood. He has an Earthy feel to me. I’ve worked with him only a few times, but enough to memorize his element. 

He had me walking through the woods.  I saw my feet walking effortless through these leaves with no issues. I cam to a tree that was extremely huge. It reminds me of those giant redwoods in California.  Carved deep within the trunk was his enn, his very complicated sigil. I told him his sigil needs to come with directions on which and where to start. He smiled. Underneath that was the Daemonaltry sigil, and one of the Houses sigil. Surrounding the tree was moss. The branches where so tall I couldn’t see them, but I know they were blocking the light above us. The roots reached out for a few hundred feet. The tree itself was very cool to the touch and you felt the beating of its heart. Slow and methodical.

I sit under the tree and a branch shoots through my sjoulder. 4 to be exact. Looks like some Earth workings are on their way. Once they pulled out, the wounds healed and I really felt like I was one with the tree. I just keep hearing Self.

The card I drew was No Place like Home, protection pose. Well, let’s just say this slapped the taste out of my mouth and confirmed a lot of what has been happening with me lol. 


#domagick  Day 10

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This has to be the most emotionally draining meditations I have done. It is all for me to improve myself, but we all know that old wounds reopen are the most painful.

Baal Inuakhem Corvinus is another personal Daemon. He is the Lycan Side, that in depth knowledge of oneself.

It was an ominous vibe with him, I asked him while and he said because he is an ominous being. Lol, I’m going to need him and Vercerah to stop with the theatrics. They have been observing humans way to long lol. In smoke gray setting, he invited me to sit down and talk to him. He had a slice of New York Cheesecake, with strawberries on it and whipped cream and a cup of coffee. Like my favorite dessert. He, surprisingly had chocolate cake and milk. I think it is milk, or a milk like substance.

“Fuck life before it Fucks you”
That is the lesson he is teaching me. He opened up so much pain within me that I actually forgot about.  He said I can just move on. I have to confront it and work with it, to understand it.

He said there is no starting over. Just continuing.  I have started over too many times and never kept going because the obstacles really knocked the breath out of me. Knocked me down so bad that their are no regular tears, just look tears. Filled with misery dropping from body.

Slashes with his nails, exposing the pain I have been hiding, the pain I have forgotten, the pain I had pushed deep down, the realizations of being wanted and needed, he is opening them. Raw emotions he is asking me to grab on to.

My shadow self needs a whole lot more work than I thought. He is that bestia side, the one that doesn’t hesitates that goes for it. It is what I need to release. I go for half then stop, feeling some type of way.

He told me to pull cards 2, 8 and 4. Chop Wood protection pose, Orphaned protection pose, and Mending right side up.

Chop Wood protection, tells me to stop daydreaming and make it happen. If I take a step, they will take multiple steps towards me in my pursuit. I just need to stop being scared and take that first step out of my comfort zone

Orphaned protection , is one I choose not to share.

Mending, I’d self explanatory within the context of my vision.

This vision, meditation, reading took a sever toll on me. I will be working and contemplating for a while. 

#domagick Day 9

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Today was a late day. Laundry, organizing my books, more laundry and more fucking laundry lol.  But I still managed to get my time in and do my drawings.

Baal Vercerah is a personal Daemon that i have encountered (actually the created of this House has worked with my personal Daemon as he appeared to him as well). Years back honestly. Today was his day. From him I walked the in-between of the Qlipphoth. It’s a working that I will be undertaking again. I did it before and I want to and need to go through it a few more times for different reasons in different ways. There is never a thing as too many.
He has no enn. Only a calling that I said 4x. I really don’t need to call him. When I think of him he reaches out. He is associated with pain. I have what feels like a hammer to my temple when he appears. Probably because I was hardheaded af when he came to me. Lol. I stay getting in trouble back then. I was a real hotheaded bitch.

I got a quick and sharp headache. He is very chaotic, and in the beginning I would get extremely ill and have severe head pains when I worked with him. It has been a while so it took me by surprise. His realm is dark. Gray, stony area. No lanterns lit, but there is light coming from somewhere.  It could be from him but I cannot pinpoint the source. I can see my breath but I feel no coldness. However my physical body shivered and it’s normally physical feels what Astral feels. But not this time. Interesting.

He’s standing behind me, yelling. Yeah I messed up years ago and he didn’t forget. But the yelling calms down to stern understanding.  Hat went wrong, what needs to be done again, how I have changed and that it is about time I grow up. Pay attention. To what really matters and stop making excuses.

I am in a hallway. With doors lining down the side. Each one different. Realms. Past lives. Past experiences. The not so distant past and future. Pain. Promise. It’s all there behind these doors. There is much more explained and shown to me. Trying to keep these notes up are amazing. He is a jackass though lol. He didn’t want a card pulled. But then decide to tell me which one. I made a comment, he laughed then said no pick the first one idiot. Sigh lol.

I picked Never ending story. Lol! Just to hilarious, this card has 2 meanings. One, how I need to embrace the sides of me that have always played victim and feel like I need to be babied because I wasn’t  strong enough to take care of my own shit. And the second is that what he has given me seems that it will take more than the time he is saying, and it may lead to more workings. At the end of this challenge I’m going to have an insurmountable list of workings that need to get done, restarted, revised, reeverything!

#domagick Day 3

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This meditation was done with Bael. I set an orange and apple on my altar, poured the House wine, added my salt and herbs and blood to the House chalice. Lit my candle, dragons blood and sandalwood incenses’. I dropped a few drops of blood on Bael’s page, my Death Figurine, Hecate’s key, Sekhmet and Leviathan picture, my talisman and on my guardians tablet.

I wanted to add some meditational music so I decided to loop meditation from Ott Sumerian, his Meditation Beezlebub as I see Bael as a different side of him. This mediation was intense, as mine with him normally are. I was into 2 different era’s and received 2 different keys to further me on another path that I have yet to write about.

I had an abundance of visions, but more importantly I felt more than I ever have. I’m good with all my senses except feel. It’s not as strong as my sight and smell. But this time, I felt everything more intensely. I felt wheels within me turn, I felt colors, I felt the drums I felt myself.

The newness of this meditation helped me figure out which chakras need to be cleaned and given more love. My Muldahara, Vishuddha, lower Anahata, Anja, and Sahasrara is fine. It’s my Svadisthana and Manipura that are not turning as fast this time. So I’ll work on those.

Next was my daily pull from my Oracle deck. I was drawn to draw three cards. Message in a Bottle, Unfinished Symphony, Treasure Island.
Message in a Bottle is telling me that the Universe and a divine has heard me, and the reply has been granted and will be coming to me in favorable ways on all fronts from relationships to career.
Unfinished Symphony is telling me to start closures on things that should have already ended. To clear out that old baggage,  finally put it to rest so I can move forward with the things I have started and need to continue.
Treasure Island is telling me I hit the nail on finding my hidden potential. I need to keep my eyes open and make sure that everything will be found. Some are obvious, others need a little more digging. Relationship wise my partner and I will continue discovering new things about one another and even though I may not see it, I will be taught valuable lessons and be brought great gifts.

I easily spent an hour in this meditation and it had refreshed me. It even had me shed a tear or two. Being a Water sign I get so emotional at times I just laugh at myself. But if anything, this meditation with Bael taught me, and my pulls, to trust my intuition,  open my heart and pay attention. I have worked so hard to get where I am, and it’s only getting better from here. There are always bumps in the road, but take them slow and keep going.

#domagick Day 2

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Today I worked with Belial. We have evolved into having a wonderful connection over the years. I remember in 2010 I think I approached him and he told me to go away, come back when I was more confident. He scared the shit out of me.  But 2 years later I was back, and now he is one of the first and closest Daemons I work with. I have nothing but love and respect for him, and I enjoy our interactions.

I away of fire and water, a beautiful combination and he fuels that firey side of myself. My guardians and those I work with are a mic of fire and water. Even though he’s more Earthy fire, he still gives me though that foundation and drive of my creativeness and passion. 

Belail is 1 of 3 main Daemons that I work with in though House of Baal (see my post 2 days ago). The House is an Earth Kingdom, my Mate is Air and I am equal Fire and Water, so you see we blend perfectly and we compliment what we need to be whole and in balance.  My working meditation with him went as follows, which is normal.

I grabbed my journal, and opened to his Blood Dedication page. I lit a red taper candle, Dragons Blood incense and sandalwood incense. I vibed the House Chant, and I said his enn. I added a few drops of blood on his page and proceeded to have a nice conversation with him. That 30 min felt like hours and I really didn’t want to leave. It’s like talking to your grandfather, the wisdom that he can impart on you can really make an impact if you are one to work your ass off and not wait for things to come to you. 

Since I am also a diviner, I pulled a Divination card. It’s Poised.  This card i pulled says to me that you are on the right path. You have achieved the perfect balance, you know what you need,  your confidence is aparent and a new phase of life is beginning. This is the moment when new things arrive and you arrive finally ready for them. As far as relationships go I am happy and confident in my own skin, and my personal relationship is ready for that deeper intimacy while my friendships are arrive in true harmony and I’m truly free to give and receive frim the heart. I have felt a stronger boost in my confidence since my birthday 19 days ago (Scorpio by the way), and in the way I’m seeing and approaching the newness of this rebirth.  My confidence will lead me to that new venture and I am ready to receive new information and new beginnings. 

I feel secure, I feel stronger, I feel confident in me; in my life; in my relationship with humans, Entities, nonhumans, and everything in between and anything beyond. 

Tarot Challenge Day 10

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What can I do to heal myself?

XXI, The Universe. I have so many modes, so many models, so many guides around me. I have to realize that it is more than just me in this world. I have a host of friends, spiritual guides and ancestors that can help me open up and utilize what the Universe has to offer me. I can’t and shouldn’t heal myself on my own. I do fine with people to help and bounce ideas off of. Listen to the Zuni verse and she will lead me to where I need to me. But it is up to me to grab it, bring it into me, and for me to heal myself .

How will this affect me moving forward?
8 of Cups, Indolence. Some of my cups are full, some are over flowing. There will be times when I will feel that I have not enough to make it through or that I am drowning and all seems lost. It’s all part of the healing process. Nothing is easy, but when you work hard it will be worth it 


Tarot Challenge Day 8

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Am I on the right path?
4 of Swords, Truce. I had to think long and hard about what type of witch I was and where my heart and passion really was at  it seems you are damned if you label yoyrself, and damned if you dont. It seems that when you realize that this is something that you can relate to, people chastise you for not being exactly what it is that the world expects.

To be like, fuck everyone, these are what I love and find passion and great personal strength in. This is what had brought me to my path. It is finally right and has shown me the unlimited access to the universal consciousness that awaits us all.

So yes, after 27 years I am on the right path.