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#domagick A little History of the House of Baal and more

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So in my previous post I vaguely mention that my mate created this House. So let’s get a little bit more clarification shall we.

The whole reason behind the House is to make you pretty much the best fucking version of you that you can be. Working with Belial, Bael, and Baalzebuth/Beelzebub will take you through the ringer. Hopefully some of you have had the pleasure of working with these three Daemons. If not, by all means reach out and make contact. They have been some of the most difficult workings I have done, and I have worked with each between 2-6 years each.  So I would say I have a very good connection with them. Being as that my mate has an even better connection with them than I do, when he told me of them and the way of enhancing yourself I definitely was eager to be apart of it. I mean after all, we pretty much think the same at most times so I know we would have different experience and we an share them with one another.

That is pretty much all lol.

Now within my workings, I will be doing a few guided meditations, ascensions, breathing exercises, chanting and sigil magick in addition to blood workings, and most likely since I am a Tarot Girl, some personal divining along with each meditation.  What I am hoping to gather from this working, is a more cohesive me. A fusion of everything that I am and desire to be. A person who is more in tune to the divine, a person who can finally get through a chant without forgetting and able to keep it up. I am aiming for these 30 days to tell me what I can and will improve about myself. I am willing for this challenge to open up different sides of me that have been closed, been hidden, been decaying; and to nourish them with new found divine energy. To be closer to the Daemons, to be closer to myself and to be closer to my mate. Less drama, more chaos lol.

Conditioning myself to be as one, always. To believe in Self, to be better than I have ever been. To finally drop some bullshit that has been hanging on my coattail.

To just be free.

28 Day Working, Day 10

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Welcome Camio. It is a pleasure to work with you. Every time I work with a Daemon I find something new and I can add them to my list of Daemons who do those workings. It is always good, then I took them in my memory for safe keeping. If bloodletting and candle dressing was a sport, I would take top prize lol.

Tarot cards are really beautiful and I am enjoying this everyday. I cannot wait until I work with my other deck. Today is all about the serpent, and more meditations. Khemet is on the menu and I have a boatload of information to write down and get in order.

Pathworkings have been worked on and will be expanded through out the day. More yoga and psychic workings are being done, and I will be reorganizing my my pdf files again to make sure I have no duplicates or crap lol.

Let’s keep all this motivation going, before I fall asleep lol!


28 Day Working, Day 8

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Annnndddd the week begins with Balam. I really enjoy working withe all the different Daemons of the Goetia. Some I wasn’t able to connect with and others just like ignored me lol. But it is to be expected. Now I have the pleasure of being able to connect to every Daemon, even if it is a weaker connection. On my fourth and final go round in the Goetia, I will be able to work with each Daemon extensively for a very long time. So that starts next year.

Tarot was done as normal, and back to the Yoga book and working on the exercises from the psychic empowerment book. I love how I can get that to work. In the coming weeks I will be working through a lot of ritual works with the top of my personal pantheon. It will be sorely needed.

Daemon work, is scheduled for all day today. So it is continually ongoing Mostly reading and prepping, but hey, it is going to be a bloody day.

Lets keep this up and running, come on day 9.

I need to switch fingers lol.

28 Day Working Day 4

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Today was a very easy day. I did my ritual and meditation to Uvall, lit a candle and it burned constantly throughout the day. The wax is completely gone, only the wick remains. I did go ahead and gathered all my Daemon workings and paperwork so they are neatly organized.

I started my research on the Orishas that have called out to me. I have a lot already, but now it is getting serious.

No blood working today, kept everything inside of me lol. Did a morning meditation to Leviathan and still working on a fire meditation for Sekhmet for the night time. I played with the puppy, explored more groups, acquired more books, and just chilled out. I didn’t read anything, just watched movies.

Towards the end of the evening, my partner and I talked and I went in to a few trances, we bounced ideas off each other and what not, and of course I pulled my tarot card to write down and focus on.

My research is actually leading me into redoing my Divinatory Gate Walking with some new ideas. So I feel a little excited. I have around three other path workings I want to redo and get sent off.

Day 4 down.

Hand of Glory by M. King

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20160824_221159 (1)

Going straight into it, this book gave me so many ideas it is not even funny. The book has this beautiful matte cover and it feels cool to the touch. I just keeping rubbing it, don’t judge me lol. This book will instruct you in how to create several Hands of Glory for your own workings.

You have your What to Expect chapter, and the standard Introduction. You get to the chapter, Hand of Power, and it gives you the basis of where the hand of glory came from. If you don’t know how it came about, it’s pretty damn gruesome. It goes into what you can utilize the hand for including his Hand of Light. It had my mind working like oohh, I can use mine to do this and that, and i can paint it this color and have it filled with these herbs. I was too excited already. And I was only 10 pages into the book lol.

The chapter on Choosing Daemons to Work With, will get anyone started on making a hand for a specific purpose. You have a nice amount of hands for use and the Daemons that line up with them. I have 5 right of the break from the section. So my list begins. Next you are given 4 methods on how to charge your hand, if you don’t have any or want to try some new methods. I plan on using these methods as well, something to break me out of my usual chargings.

If you never worked with servitors, or thought forms, get ready to get down and dirty. In this chapter you will be  getting your feet with. You have a few methods that you can work with, like word and pictorial. The whole thing with your hand of glory is attaching an entity to it that will help you in what you plan on doing. I have worked with a few servitors and they key is focusing on your intent like he says, and making sure that you feed them daily or weekly. But make sure you don’t forget, or they will just disappear.

Pages 37-57 give you a list of Daemons that you can create a hand of glory for, and oh my god….I will be making a lot of damn hands. Going to look like a serial killer with figures of hands just laying around the house. Pages 63-66 are pictures of the author’s Hand of Glory, and it is really spectacular. It gave me so many ideas.

What I like about this chapter book, is that you have a lot of options in making one hand or 50, and then you have countless methods in which you can experiment with. This is a book that you put to use, that you can make notes in (like I do for majority of my working books)  that you keep going back to over and over again. If you are like me, and always like pathworkings, then you are going to be working on this for a nice little minute. This is a great addition to your workings, especially if you want to enhance any part of your workings.

In short, pick up this book and add it to your library. Actually get 2, one to keep and one to work in.














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