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#domagick Self reflection

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These part 4 weeks off working with Hammon, Belial, Lucifer, Baelzebub, Lilith and Leviathan, and Sekhmet and Bael has been pretty interesting. I have grown closer too then as always but i also learned that they don’t always have the same approach. Mainly because I listen to them and pay attention.

The planetary working was very interesting. Some planets were passive like Mars and others were potent like Mercury. But it was a new way to work under there influence which i liked. Overall it was a positive experience.


#domagick Stiff upper lip (Yesterday’s Post)

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My arm was stiff as hell when i was doing my tree pose, but guess what, I did it lol. It felt amazing, like most of the stretches do especially when you are focusing on your chakras points as well.

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Today was a mentally draining day as all they did at school was bombard us with 100 question exams. I know the purpose but when my test scores keep going down, giving me more exams is not going to help. I took a 2 hour mental break and came back with a high score. I can’t school.

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One more day as this challenge will be over. It has already gotten me all screwy lol, but it is so needed.

#domagick Connection

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It has been a trying day. Very tiring, didn’t have time to focus like I wanted to but I have some catching up to do tomorrow. Might try some breathing and healing exercises with this chakra working for tomorrow’s commute both to and from work. Hopefully it will add some needed relief for me.

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On the bright side (lol), I have some more collecting of my menstrual for ritual purposes, so that is really helpful to me.

#domagick Day 24

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This was a feeling of just love. Love for myself,  and love for them. I dropped blood on all the points, on the sekhem circle and house markings as well. I connected my chakra points and the 16 powers just flew around, leaving just the crown glowing bright. Then the circle broke down and the hoygocu went into my body and started spinning, then the white cube went in and engulfed it, spinning.  Then the pyramid formed over it and finally the circle in which the 16 powers just wrapped over it. 
I got that feeling of falling within the pyramid,  but this time she held me and I saw the Council and the House there. She said my journey is ending, this mediation challenge, but I have a whole new path of workings to get back on, revive and stary fresh.

I shed a tear. I don’t think I ever felt that type of love coming from me. Like I found a way to love myself. Through opening myself up for whatever may happen. Through all the issues that have been compounding upon myself and this last year, has been the hardest. But I made it.

Again, no card draw for today. And no photo. 

New workings

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So I have been super busy with school and the bad weather and all and now that I have that elusive spring break in busier than ever lol.

This time I decide to do 30 Day Challenge that Andriech Vitimus has on his website. I’m just posting this real quick so I can just get y’all caught up. Once I get a little more stable in like an hour or three I will give you a full write up as to what I am doing and where to follow my progress at. It’s on WordPress so it’s easy to just pop on over.

Catch y’all in a few.


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