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Tarot classes, my hand at it

Posted in Buzz Worthy Posts with tags , , , on 03/15/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So next month I am trying my hand at leading a 30 day tarot challenge in my African American tarot group on fb. So I came up with some fun spreads, 3 from the internet and 2 I created. I look forward to seeing how the ladies and gentlemen progress on my challenge. it is all about self love, which comes with pain and healing, but you know what. It is totally worth it and everything.

It is only something I can think of, I can also come up with some discussions but I will see how this goes first before i try to lead like a 52 day class on reading and getting in touch with your cards lol.

I really love what I do, it is one of the few things that I can throw myself in and just feel free. But I am also addicted to tarot and plan on soaking up everything that I can with it and going from there.


#domagick Completion

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I waited to use this picture for the last day. i just love it!

download (41)

This working jarred some shit open for me, and it is very uncomfortable for me. But it needs to be done, it needs to be brought forward. I will not allow myself to get caught up in things similar for the past, so I will cut shit off real quick. What is the point of going through the issues and then getting over them, to only go back to the same dumb ass situations. This shit is annoying to say the least lol. But I have what needs to be done, I have all the issues up and out in the open, so now all I have to do is handle this shit lol.

Easier said then done 🙂

#domagick Day 21

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Happy Yule Everyone. Hope your enjoying today and making the best of it.

Today’s meditation was with the White Cube. Reiki World. Reiki Matrix.

Quietness was all that was there. I was in an entirely white space walking on white water. I was in all white, everything was white except for my skin, even my eyes. I kept hearing “reiki world, reiki matrix”. Then I was falling into the water and the words, the Chinese characters for reiki  rushed towards me, wrapped themselves around me and broke apart, then wrapped around me as absorbed in. Then my lungs was filling up with the water and the symbols came rushing at my third eye so fast and so many that they clumped on my third eye. Again absorbing into my third eye, and all I can hear is “reiki world, reiki matrix, reiki wolrd, reiki matrix”, over and over again.

Then there was nothingness. Just floating in the whiteness. Floating in the current and energy of powerful waves hitting me and washing over my body.

And at this point 2 of my three dogs run down here, jump in my bed, argue with one another; with Ginger taking my stuff animal upstairs and Lucy chasing after her. Then Snoop comes down, jumps on the bed and lays next to me and go to sleep. Now I can read my cards lol!

I drew Time to Go and Round and Round right side up. 

Time to Go confirmed a presence in my life that needs to get the boot. Very hilarious but something that needs to be done. 

Round and Round everything I am doing I have seen before. Which is completely true. I now who I will be talking to, the places I will be working weeks before it happens, that good ole dejavu.  But it’s also a time for me to do things better a second time around. 

 Both of these cards are extremely fitting coming to the extremely of the year. 

#domagick Day 13

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Today why meditation was with Baal Hammon. It was not a lot going on , it was very peaceful so this entry is going to be short.

When I connected to him, I saw gray all around me. There was no other color, no sound, no nothing. I heard his voice welcoming me. I sat down in the lotus  position and I had a few beams of pale yellow light strike the ground around me. It was peaceful. He wanted me to focus on just clearing my mind and being with myself. It was so peaceful. He told me to also look into horns, as that should strongly be apart of my meditation routine. So I will be browsing online for instrumentals that contain horns.

What I did do, was on my way to school I meditated for the last part of my trip, since I am taking the train for the last few days of school. I never gad a more relaxing trip. I also did the meditation on the way back. I used the trains vibration to have the sound coming in, and leaving my body. No stress, and I felt pleasant after getting off the train; and no one feels good getting off of public transportation during rush hour lol.

he told me to pick a card and surprisingly, and ironically I choose Peace.

#domagick Day 3

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This meditation was done with Bael. I set an orange and apple on my altar, poured the House wine, added my salt and herbs and blood to the House chalice. Lit my candle, dragons blood and sandalwood incenses’. I dropped a few drops of blood on Bael’s page, my Death Figurine, Hecate’s key, Sekhmet and Leviathan picture, my talisman and on my guardians tablet.

I wanted to add some meditational music so I decided to loop meditation from Ott Sumerian, his Meditation Beezlebub as I see Bael as a different side of him. This mediation was intense, as mine with him normally are. I was into 2 different era’s and received 2 different keys to further me on another path that I have yet to write about.

I had an abundance of visions, but more importantly I felt more than I ever have. I’m good with all my senses except feel. It’s not as strong as my sight and smell. But this time, I felt everything more intensely. I felt wheels within me turn, I felt colors, I felt the drums I felt myself.

The newness of this meditation helped me figure out which chakras need to be cleaned and given more love. My Muldahara, Vishuddha, lower Anahata, Anja, and Sahasrara is fine. It’s my Svadisthana and Manipura that are not turning as fast this time. So I’ll work on those.

Next was my daily pull from my Oracle deck. I was drawn to draw three cards. Message in a Bottle, Unfinished Symphony, Treasure Island.
Message in a Bottle is telling me that the Universe and a divine has heard me, and the reply has been granted and will be coming to me in favorable ways on all fronts from relationships to career.
Unfinished Symphony is telling me to start closures on things that should have already ended. To clear out that old baggage,  finally put it to rest so I can move forward with the things I have started and need to continue.
Treasure Island is telling me I hit the nail on finding my hidden potential. I need to keep my eyes open and make sure that everything will be found. Some are obvious, others need a little more digging. Relationship wise my partner and I will continue discovering new things about one another and even though I may not see it, I will be taught valuable lessons and be brought great gifts.

I easily spent an hour in this meditation and it had refreshed me. It even had me shed a tear or two. Being a Water sign I get so emotional at times I just laugh at myself. But if anything, this meditation with Bael taught me, and my pulls, to trust my intuition,  open my heart and pay attention. I have worked so hard to get where I am, and it’s only getting better from here. There are always bumps in the road, but take them slow and keep going.


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