Tarot Challenge Day 12

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What message am I missing from my guides?
I would say that  there are times I am purposefully naive and think that everything can go without a hutch, when I am actually setting myself up for failire. I need to always trust my gut and express myself.



Tarot Challenge Day 11

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Am I connected to my Spirit Guides?
Knight of wands. I am going to take this as a yes lol. My passion is due to the connection I have with them. It builds up and it’s propelling me forward at a great momentum. They have my back.


Tarot Challenge Day 10

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What can I do to heal myself?

XXI, The Universe. I have so many modes, so many models, so many guides around me. I have to realize that it is more than just me in this world. I have a host of friends, spiritual guides and ancestors that can help me open up and utilize what the Universe has to offer me. I can’t and shouldn’t heal myself on my own. I do fine with people to help and bounce ideas off of. Listen to the Zuni verse and she will lead me to where I need to me. But it is up to me to grab it, bring it into me, and for me to heal myself .

How will this affect me moving forward?
8 of Cups, Indolence. Some of my cups are full, some are over flowing. There will be times when I will feel that I have not enough to make it through or that I am drowning and all seems lost. It’s all part of the healing process. Nothing is easy, but when you work hard it will be worth it 


Tarot Challenge Day 9

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What should I be aware of?
III, The Empress. I should be aware of the inner me and how she carries hersrlf. How she moves me into places without my knowing so I can be the better person that I know I am. She is the drive that propels me.

How do they help me?

Queen of Cups. Having that mastered hand on my emotions will allow the Empress to do what she need to do. To handle all situations that are starting to come up, and help me change my way of thinking. I am th flow of water that can wear anything down. I flow around obstacles and I can make anything mine. It’s all about me and what I know I can do.


Tarot Challenge Day 8

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Am I on the right path?
4 of Swords, Truce. I had to think long and hard about what type of witch I was and where my heart and passion really was at  it seems you are damned if you label yoyrself, and damned if you dont. It seems that when you realize that this is something that you can relate to, people chastise you for not being exactly what it is that the world expects.

To be like, fuck everyone, these are what I love and find passion and great personal strength in. This is what had brought me to my path. It is finally right and has shown me the unlimited access to the universal consciousness that awaits us all.

So yes, after 27 years I am on the right path.

Tarot Challenge Day 7

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What’s holding me back?
0, The Fool. Sigh, this card again. It likes me, it has been very popular last time I worked with this deck lol. Let’s see. I at times hold myself back. I withdraw from opportunities or stop because it has never worked out or, I’ve felt defeated. I am my biggest opponent. I have blocked myself a few times, but this should be an eye opener. To stop that shit!


Tarot Challenge Day 6

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What I need to let go of?
Prudence, 8 of disks. This has to be how I am in the lab and in situations where I have no control and just have to do what I consider subpar work. Though I’m told all the times it isn’t I do act this way and it is a flat of mine. But I strive for perfection so I have to try to do what needs to be done the way others want it and save the perfectionist for my own personal research and development .

Why did need to let it go?

Prince of Wands. My hit temper and determination to get things done in the way I see is off putting. I will have others feel like I know more than them when I dobt, I just have a mind for organization and productivity that automatically starts calculations and moving things around . I see the possibilities and I just go in an excuse them. Again it will be difficult to dial it down, but it will be held onto unless I am expressed asked, or when I have my own lab and area, and my own production .

How long did I hang on to this?

13, The Devil. For freaking ever lmao! It’s in my DNA and I will let go of the rigns, but the devil in me continues to play the advocate when people need to step their shit up.