#domagick The Heart is full

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Three hearts. Three modes. Three ways. Belial, Bael, Baelzebub/buth. The House, The Tribe, The Cube. But most importantly, Me, Myself and I. I have come a long way. I am enjoying myself. I am thankful for all that I have, even if I don’t feel like I deserve it. At times, I don’t think I do. But that is the old me leaving. The old me who always gave up unconditional love, and got shitted on, by numerous boyfriends, girlfriends and an ex husband. This heart of mine has taken a beating, and somehow it reaches out for more punishment.


This has become a very seen tattoo. And it is appropriate. Healing myself, Day after day. With good people, my friends, and lovers around me. It gets easier.

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I have been reciting Bael’s enn all day. I have been feeling him around me all day. It has been very helpful to feel his presence, working with this Chakra.  Another 2 days with him exclusively, and I am happy about it.

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#domagick The Heart wants what it wants

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I honestly am dreading this tarot spread lol. I know my heart chakras need alignment. I know there are things that are weighing heavy on my heart that I need to let go, and things that I need to embrace.

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This is the pose that I am doing and man doe sit open up the chakra to get right. When I was going into this new yoga pose, I was sleeping trying to figure out which pose would be right. I think and felt the pressure in this. I felt the cracking of my chest and I knew this was the right one.

This morning I was thinking of the chakra again and saw the word BAEL and a pink slash right after it. I took that as a sign to work with Bael, focus on his energy while I do this working for the next 3 days.

My tarot spread wasn’t as brutal as I was thinking it would be. I do have an abundance of love, and gentleness being given towards me, along with a very loving protectiveness that surrounds me all the time. I do need to let go some fights that aren’t worth it, because the energy is against me and there are some lessons that would be better for me NOT to learn , or there will be problems later on down the line. In understanding what unconditional love is I have to learn that broken promises, and unfulfilled promises may be delayed, if not left all together. Just because I won’t have everything I feel , doesn’t mean I am not loved. Love is compromise, love is meeting the person halfway, and then moving forward together. Disappointment is a part of life, and that also includes how you love and who you love.  You either in it all the way or you are not. So the spread was more reassuring and comforting. I felt them align and I have some work to do, like with the others, and I look forward to it.

#domagick Solar ending

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I have enjoyed this position for my solar. I felt my breaths were easier, the connection was stronger, and an overall opening feeling. Another chakra that is turning better than before. Tomorrow is Heart chakra. I don’t even think I am ready for this one lol.

#domagick Solar Party

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As normal my meditation was good. I had my Dragon statue blowing out the Dragon’s Blood Incense, and the candle was dancing with the beat of my altar, and the main altar. It was a beautiful site. Always love the feeling I get from it. I did my yoga pose and had some good breaths. I will be in that pose on and off for the remainder of the day and really getting to know my breathing better, and to be comfortable in that position.

#Domagick Solar pocket

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Today is a very chill day, I am relaxing watching B movies and just focusing on me this challenge I like better because I really am getting more me time. My posts will be shorter, but the pay off mentally is bigger. The pay off at the end is going to be amazing.

#domagick Solar light

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The next four days I will be working on my solar plexus. I know here I have to really be observant and in the mood, in the know, in the moment with those around me and those I interact with. I know that I will be working and have been working on strengthening this chakra, and it is on a good way of being back to where it was, so I can then move forward and do more. I found the perfect yoga pose. Simple yet powerful in its on right.

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What better way to connect with your inner light then with this simple yet very important pose. I look forward to the connection and cleansing I will get out of it.

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#domagick The last stretch

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This challenge is a little difficult for me to share. Most days it is all feelings and not anything that I feel needs to be shared. It is mainly quiet and not a lot of thought going on. At least not today. I know what needs to be done and this working just helped to confirm it.

Tomorrow I will be working on my Solar chakra, and looking forward to the work that I will be doing for that one. So far, I feel better, I like the way the poses open my awareness and help me focus, and help to relieve the pain. I will have a few more days of working and then I will have a new morning routine that I can add and really use that for the in depth chakra working I am developing for myself. * days down, and this month is going by fast lol


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