Domagick Enchantment

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Already you can tell this sitar has been upgrade. More candles, new additions and a board.

I plan on having the candles tierd and 4 more green altar candles a well as more of that alien liquor that’s next to the main altar piece.

I will be looking for ideas for a statue, as i like statues or something that relates to the altar. Since this is prosperity I will be on the lookout for anything that catches my eye.

If you haven’t noticed green is the theme lol. So that color and infinity symbols, number 8, money, luck, prosperity and good shit.


Domagick Enchantment

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My Matron and Patron altar are getting a makeover as well. I mean why not lol.

Sekhmet’s side will be in red with orange and yellow accents. While Leviathan’s side will be blue with gray and white accents.

I have the Dragon incense for Him but i remember why I didn’t like it. The cones barely stay lit and it is so difficult to get the cones in there. Duo it will just be used as a statue for him while i figure out what to replace it with. I changed this setup around a few times. Still not happy with it, so at this time it still looks like the picture.

The same goes for Sekhmets altar. Multiple changes and i swear I have no idea where her body went. I had it and fit the past few months I haven’t been able too find it. I have been through all my totes, boxes, the carafe and shed and the entire house and all my purses and nothing. So I’m looking forward tho investing into a new Statue for Her.

The bottom piece that you may not see will be purple. A combination off red and blue. I look forward to working with this altar and seeing what it turns into to.

Domagick Enchantment

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My Necro altar is getting a makeover as well.

I’m toying around with the idea of making a physical gateway to the underworld and to the death energy, too more with is the same.

I have a physical key and a matching mask that i will be wearing in order to stop time and walk into death, the past, present and future. Hell other realms and dimensions as well.

The skull placements i want to act as guardians, while Thanatos himself is welcoming me into the gates. I have my beads that my bf has given me that i will use to put my in a trance while i do my workings.

This set up will probably change by the time you see this post as well. But I’m not sure. I kind of like it how it id’s set up.

Took forever to place it that way.

And of course the colors are black and gray, with a red accent.

Domagick Enchantment

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So this is what i will be doing to my main altar. Putting it in tiers. By the time you see this part, i probably would have changed it up a zillion tonnes by them lol. Trying to get it perfect for my house.

The colors off the house are black, red and blue. So those fabrics would be used including a lot offs earthy elements with the brown as this house is an Earth Kingdom.

I may switch out the candles for some more decorative ones, or something different all together.

I think i will vlog this challenge as opposed to writing about it. But June I will still have ritual workings that i will be performing and some book reviews so it won’t be super busy, but you will still get some content from.

New Website

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Years ago I created a website called African American Spirituality. It was beautiful. In 8 hours, I created something for people of color to go to. And of course they fucked it up.

I ended up abandoning the site, giving it to my then boyfriend and deleting everything I put up on it. I got tired of these bitches figuring that since I was Satanic that I would have no problem letting a male member feed off of them. Of course my bitch ass beau at the time hid that from me. I hate people. I swear, lol, because I am not a bible thumper or a fucking Wiccan then I must be ok with people feasting off of each other. It is always these insecure black women that will run to dick, but won’t step up and speak with pussy. I swear that is my biggest gripe. I point out black women because the site was black. Well sort of, we are just to damn diverse, and we all don’t “look black”. So shit broke down, I had a site editor, who was white lol, I know, I know, help with the graphics. Because amazingly I found no black people to help, or at least ones who weren’t trying to get some pussy, so now, i am not fucking for my site. Kick boulders and keep that shit moving.

So I am creating another website. No one will have admin authority but me. This site will be ran by me, under my control. That way if bitches have a problem with the site, there is no dick they can run to. I hate the fact that when I actually took the time to reach out into the occult community, I got greeted with shit lol. But hey, it is what it is right.

This site will have more content. This site will have shops for blacks by blacks. This site will be dripping chocolate and I refuse to deal with any hating bitches or niggas who try to think otherwise. I will not play when It comes to my site. It will definitely be monitored so I know who is on. I shouldn’t even have to go this far, but once burned, you  will go to great lengths to never let that shit happen again.

I do not have an open date or time frame, other than 2019. That way it can be Jan 1, 2019 or Dec 31, 2019 and I don’t have to be under pressure.

2019 my website will be here. And no one will ruin my vision for my people or the community at large.


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