Throat Spread Day 15

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Ha! My ass on time for once, let us see how long that will last. My chakra spreads are very interesting, and on point as usual. Talk about having a deck being in tune to you.

1 water, 1 earth, 1 fire and 1 trump, pretty balanced.

With how I am now, am I able to be honest with friends, partner and assoc, etc?

What does my inner self have to say?

What could be blocking my communication?

When my heart is balanced, how will it effect my throat?


Heart Spread Say 14

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This spread was one I was kind of dreading given my current love situation. But it was very deep and it reassured me I was doing everything right and there are just some things that I cannot change, and some things that I will have to understand more and just let go and take it for what it is, if this is where I really want to be.

1 fire, 1 water, 1 trump

What is the current state of my heart?

What do I need to release in order for me to heal?

What do I need to accept with unconditional love?


Solar Spread Day 13 (late)

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Another┬álate one. And the funny part is I was up last night like, don’t forget to put this post up, and I still went slam to sleep lol.

1 air, 2 earth and 1 trump.

What is the state of your sense of self and your power center?

What do you need to let go in order to jump start the flow of energy?

What can you add to your life to get a better sense of yourself?

After I remove and work on those issues,how will my solar chakra look?


Sacral Spread Day 12

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I just got read by this damn spread lol. The bullshit. Not even going in-depth lol.

3 trumps, 1 air and 1 water. The trumps were on point I can tell you that. Very strong.

State of emotions and passions, what from the past I need to move from to correct, what inner needs and desires are not being met, what is needed to nourish to obtain balance, and what is the outcome if advice is heeded.


Root Spread Day 11

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So this week starts my Chakra read and I am really looking froward to seeing how my progress is at this point. I know I have a lot more healing and rebuilding to do, as well as a chakra working that I have been working on for a couple of years now. It read just how I expected it to do, even with some plot twists lol. But it is all good. It adds more to what I need to change in my workings.

1 air, 2 trumps, 1 water, 1 earth. Pretty balanced for the most part.

How is your root chakra, How can it be fixed, what limits and boundaries are needed, what needs to be nourished, what will the root look like after.


Reaching the Goal Spread day 10 (late)

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Okay, so I have to admit that the blogs are what kills me lol. Sometimes I just forget to put them up. I do my spreads in the morning before class, so by the time i get home, I end up waiting till that night to post them up. I mean you can’t blame me. I don’t have the app on my phone, because there are times when I just don’t want to be on my phone for ever god damn thing. But here is yesterdays spread.

3 air and 1 water.

State your goal, What qualities can I use to achieve my goal, What am I doing that prevents me from reaching my goal, and how do I reach my goal.

A positive read, more clarification, and some good guidance. Loving these readings so far. I don’t get overly negative been if I fucked up I acknowledge it and then I keep it moving into how I can make it right.


Full Moon Spread Day 9

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Isn’t it beautiful. I wanted this up first because this spread is all about strength, progress and confirmation for me. As I was drawing these cards I felt the pull, I felt the tingle and I felt that these where right on the money. I have kept people closer to me, I have let things go and I have focused on what is right and needed.

This spread has 1 water, 3 earth, 2 fire and 1 trump card.

Questions asked where:

Things that you should be releasing?

Things that you should be keeping close?

Things that are coming into your life

How the world is affecting you.

What you should be giving to others.

Something new that will begin soon.

What you should be learning at this point.