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New Year, New Me Bullshit

Posted in Whatthefuckness with tags on 12/30/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

We all seen the Facebook memes. People acting like they are going to flip the switch and act brand new. They will for the first two weeks. Then they will be back to their ignorant selves causing drama for the New Year.

I am not changing shit for the New Year. I am not trying to do something just because it’s January 1st. Because the fiscal year starts anew on October and that is what businesses, your IRA, and other money making accounts go by. If your any type of pagan, we had our New Year already. We shed the negative and started a new. The rest of y’all just late.

Wednesday is just another day. There is going to be no enlightenment that hits people. There are no miracles happening. And you can’t wild out on Tuesday, and act holier than thou on Wednesday. Y’all better stop lying and be real to yourself. Last year was to learn and grow. This year is to reflect and do better. That is all it will ever mean.

You was a hoe Tuesday night, you still woke up a hoe Wednesday morning. Just because your sans dick or coochie, because dude left in the morning, doesn’t change the fact you will go right back out and do the same shit.

Don’t smoke 12 blunts Tuesday and then think you are going to be good to look for a job. Your ass got a few weeks to get that shit out your system; leaving you high (no pun intended) and dry.

Get it? Don’t overdo and then stop. It doesn’t work that way people. So stop with the New Year, New Me Bullshit. Reflect, and learn.

Besides half y’all won’t even stick to your resolution, get frustrated and there you go. Back where you were mad at yourself.


Stop trying to drown Samhain

Posted in Whatthefuckness with tags , , , on 10/15/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Y’all think y’all are slick don’t y’all.

What goes on in the month of Ocotber

Breast Cancer

Pitt Bull Awareness

Domestic Abuse Awareness


and some more shit I forget.

Breast cancer and all cancer should not be for a certain month. That shit needs to be year round. They only focus on a month near the holidays so people who don’t really give a fuck can by something orange, pink, purple or green and feel like they did something. Fuck that. Cancer runs in my family so fuck that once a month bull shit. I do not support wearing anything to support the cause because I support the causes. How the fuck is selling 2000 pink hairdryers going to help cure cancer. It isn’t. Your dumb ass just brought something you didn’t need, while the company made more money, and donated like $1000 bucks of the $1 million they go it. Oh my bad, the $10,000. Please do you know how much the scientist need to make. They are making upwards of 6 figures. how much money as been raised for breast cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer…yet the only thing they have done was make your dick get hard when you need it. Fuck out of here with that bull shit.

People get their asses beat everyday. Like we really need to have a month towards the end of the year to bring awareness. Guess what, we know it exists. How about making laws that protects the women, men and children on the receiving end of a beat down…instead of not doing a fucking thing. How about a one strike out deal. You beat someone your ass is gone for life. They don’t deserve chances period.

UNICEF. Its Halloween I am giving out candy not money, fuck out of here. Trying to get those damn kids robbed. Just dumb as hell.

Anything else that tries to stamp out a Holiday, because you have fucking retards that have their panties in a bunch, go jump in a lake and drown very slowly. You religious zealots need to get a life.  If Halloween goes…get rid of Christmas. It is our fucking holiday any way you fucking thieves. Always have to ruin shit for other people because your life is meaningless.

I want off this planet. Where the hell are the aliens, they have to come pick my ass the fuck back up. I am done 🙂

National News

Posted in Whatthefuckness with tags on 07/23/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I pretty much haven’t said much on the hot topics in the news. So here’s a quick run down.

Keep the protests up as long as they work towards something. Don’t protest and a few months later forget. Come on black people were got to do better than this shit.

Race will always be an issue for people who have nothing important to say. Get over it and don’t get caught up in it.

Don’t give a damn about Zimmerman. The SYG law needs to be looked at every where.

Boycott Florida cool. I haven’t like the state since 2002. Makes me no difference.

Princess Kate had a baby boy. Always good to hear positive shit in the news.

Seriously the woman got 20 years for firing a warning shit at her abusive husband, but not killing him. Y’all know that shit is fucked up.

I’m having politics more and more. They all full of shit. Some just try to do the right thing but get detailed on old shit. They need an age limit in congress. 80 years old and you still think it’s the early 1900’s. Good grief.

It’s been hot as fuck. What the he’ll is really going on outside. Gaia is cleansing the planet and we just happen to be in the way lol.

Do people ‘really care about North West. Lol.

How y’all not know y’all friends are racists. You see that shit, just choose to ignore it. Either like them because of them, it has because of it. But don’t act like you don’t know.

What the hell is Candy Crush, and why is it in the Money section in newspaper?

The Conjuring. Looks like some good shit.

Don’t like America. Then fucking move. End of complaints.

Not in America, shut the fuck about what we should do. You don’t live here suck it up.

Either support the troops or die.

Men stop complaining that you can’t find a real chick. Love the one you got, or order one. Women, same thing. I know I’m looking.

No one is perfect. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That should cover the first six months of the year lol.

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Titties Ahoy!!!!

Posted in Whatthefuckness with tags on 06/04/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Ok. So I expect this type of ignorance from some of the people in the area of West Philly. Me and my husband are walking back from the post office heading to the store. And as we cross the street I see this chick sitting on her stoop.

Now if you know Philly you know that all the houses are on a main raid, no privacy, no AC. This bitch is outside, smoking a cigarette, with her shirt raised over her tits with her saggy ass titties in a do not a mother fucking thing bra. I mean her titties are laying on her knees and she is outside with her shirt over her bra. He’ll she should have just came out in a sports bra. That would have been better. This is just one example of the whatthefuckness I encounter living in West Philly.

Got to love people with no shame lol. Shit her balls bigger than mine. Lol.

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