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Domagick Challenge Box completion

Posted in Rituals, Workings and all my thinking's on the Occult with tags , , , on 08/19/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I have a few days left and still need to make a few pieces for the box. What I need to do is focus on the large letter K that I have. I will go into a meditative state and decorate the letter. I am really looking forward to this one.

The letter is cardboard, and I will only use pencils and paint on it. I am looking forward to how the rest of the box will turn out. I still have some items I need to get from JoAnns Fabric. I have one large more piece to draw and burn into the bottom of the box, and an addition to the underneath of the lid.

I already have the items that have been charging for a nice amount of time on the altar. Some teas and another item. I have a piece to order and a couple of books and then I should be okay. I cannot wait until it is completed. I will take a video of the final box and its items, and post it. I am looking forward to see how everything comes together.


Box and plate construction

Posted in Rituals, Workings and all my thinking's on the Occult with tags , , , , , on 08/08/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So far I have finished, for now, the outside of the box. You will see the videos on my YouTube channel and IG account. (Keona Esh and keonakainathera respectively).

I put the fabric at the bottom of the book and will be writing and carving an inscription in the underneath of the lid. The last piece of this box is a drawing I will burn into the bottom of the box. I have a few ideas and doing some sketching so I can get the picture just right. I will be using a stencil, if I can find one, and then free handing the rest.

I have a “plate” and 4 medium size round wooden disks I am working on this week. By the time you read this I would be on the third disk. I am chanting over it with what my bf gave me, and using the visualizing technique he gave me as well.

The box has had blood added to it, cum and has been charged twice for 9 hours each time. His teas are ready and charging as well, and another piece that I will be adding my blood.

I have a couple of more items that need to go inside the box, that need to be ordered. Once I actually make it out the house and head to the store I will pick up those round, small pieces to attach to the book. I actually have quite a few pieces to make. I won’t go into to much detail, because he reads my blogs and watches my videos lol, so he saw half of his box and the rest is a surprise!

I can say that this month’s working is less hectic than the other months. Mainly because I was trying to post everyday no matter what. But I decided to let the working and the spirits guide me. And I am glad that I am posting 4 maybe 5 times a week. It is better for me to focus then worry about writing or recording. I have gotten a lot done and have been able to just talk it out with my bf and eh has given me some good ideas to improve on what I have.

So this week has been progressive and there will be more videos at the end of the week with the progress that has been done.

Spiritual Planning

Posted in Rituals, Workings and all my thinking's on the Occult with tags , , , on 08/03/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have my planners. I would be totally lost.

I like having a planner dedicated to spiritual workings. I can plan all my rituals out, I can see all the holidays and moon phases, and see where I will be able to fit more time in , or can switch things around so I can have more optimal spacing.

September is coming up and then I will not be doing a lot of spiritual planning. I am trying to make sure that October thru December is just dedicated to me being free and doing what may come. Besides the holidays and moon phases, I will be able to just write down all that I have done, and then expound on them in my journals. After all, I have around 18 journals and counting.

When 2019 comes around, I already have the first 9 months planned out. Lol. I know, it is a little overkill, but I know exactly what I am going to do. I have all my classes in place, my business hours, me meet and greets and personal workings as well as rest. I will at least be taking 7 days off a month to do nothing but recoup, pray and meditate. That is a good way to make sure I don’t over do it. That way I won’t have to hear my boyfriend nag at me lol. He loves me and wants me to be sane and not overload myself, and sometimes I am hardheaded.

I like the schedules that I have. I enjoy looking at them and seeing what is coming up over the horizon. I am going to change the format planner up next year, but I am wondering if I should do it completely bujo style, or just stick with the pre-made planner?

Time will tell won’t it.

Domagick Summoning: August Workings

Posted in Rituals, Workings and all my thinking's on the Occult with tags , , , on 07/31/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I think for this challenge it will be hosted on my YT channel @keona esh,  this blog and on my IG @keonakainathera

I will not be posting every day but several times a week on all 3 platforms. I will have videos out on the weekend, IG posts the beginning of the week and a blog in the middle of the week. I am using this summoning to create something for my bf. He knows what I am making but that is about it. So this month is going to have a lot in it on different levels.

It has been in my mind to create a box for him for the past year. And when we were discussing how I should go about summoning the Divine from the House of Baal, it just came to me. So i will be out at Michael’s picking up provisions and everything will be handmade. I am really excited never knew how much, until i started to get some of the material in hand.

I have all my incense and he is working on new summoning charges for me. It is a collaborative effort, and I couldn’t be more happier that he is involved in it. To a point after all, this is his gift lol.

But the summoning for this months Do magick challenge is just what I needed.

The abundance of altars

Posted in Rituals, Workings and all my thinking's on the Occult on 07/25/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

My altars have grown so much. It is truly a blessing. For those that have not seen my latest edition you can find it here: Buddah’s Back

So my main altar houses the House of Baal with my head hierarchy Belial, Baal and BaelZeBub/Bouth. There are around another 30 deities that we work with, but the main focus or the 3 B’s lol, and the house is an Earth Kingdom. Which is really want I need in my life, as I don’t have a lot of Earth within my chart, and this grounding and seeing things on a physical level has been amazing.

My Love altar has been very instrumental in helping me heal myself, in helping me be more aware of what I am thinking and how I respond to my own inner critic and what I can do to make myself happy, and then bring that into my relationships.

My Necromancy altar is working in bringing my closer to Death and working with the Dead and those spirits that are beyond the veil. It is coming into its own, and I have to admit that I am very happy in how my connection with Death is growing. I may even have some volunteer opportunities coming up to help with this connection that I am looking forward to.

My Sex altar was dedicated to Lilith and Asmodeus but mom took over lol. I know dad is still there, he is just not a major player. It is completely covered in owls by statues or wooden figures. It has given me great eyesight into healing and understanding my sexual energy as well as looking into tantric exercises and more.

My Matron and Patron altar is really me giving the man and woman in my life the time and dedication they deserve. They have been there for me in my life, in so many capacities that even the altars are not enough.

My Prosperity altar was put into my mind by my King and ever since I had it up, I have been doubly blessed. It houses Belphegore, and all my financial planning and books. I owe so much to him, he has really helped me out.

My ToAF altar is a good organization for me to learn different methods, and to open myself to a lot of different beings and their energies. It has been the best thing I have been in so far.

My last altar is my new Buddah altar. The calming quality that it brings me almost always have me in tears, for the simple things.

I never know when another altar or group of entities will be coming in, but I have a clue. I had a clue with Buddah, in which Quan Yin/Kwan Yin will be coming next. They have always been a pair when it comes to me. So i will just wait and try to find more space lol.



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