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Posted in Games with tags , on July 26, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Just being into the AC phenomenon and so far I like it. I’m a little clumsy with the controls and still trying to beat my brother to the top of the church. I had him once kicked him, then I fell of the roof lol.

I can see in going to enjoy this game. If course I have to get them all though. This just happened to be one of the free games you can download from the 360. Bout damn time. It was beginning to be only lame games they were letting you download for free.

I still need to purchase another 360. They should be reasonable since the One is coming out.

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Mass Effect 3

Posted in Games with tags on July 12, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I can just bite someone’s tongue off lol.

I had t restart the game on a flux bug, only to realize that I ended up going to the wrong terminal for the Citadel Hanar Mission. Even though I did activate the track in the Spectre office. Go fig. Anyway I am on my way and may take a couple of days downtime before I do the Grissom Academy, Omega, and the Summit missions. Those things are freaking long.

I have o admit to spending a few days just gaming. I have let myself become fully immersed again and I love it.

I got every DLC because hey I brought the trilogy and I want to get the most out of my gaming experience. Bite me lol.

I think after I finally am done with the trilogy, I will move on to the 3 Bioshock games. I started them but I just couldn’t pay like five games at once. I only have one TV 🙂

Mass Effects

Posted in Games with tags , on June 12, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So I beat the first game. My (new) boyfriend introduced it to me. It is an awesome game. They made Dragon Age so that made me really aim to play it. I brought the trilogy maybe two months ago, I doubt it was that long. But I have enjoyed it immensely.

So I only did one play through, so far but in that play I killed the council, screwed the asari, sacrificed Ashley, made Captain Anderson had of the Council and did it all looking cute as a Biotic. I chose the backstory of my parents were slave, I was raised on ships, and I was ruthless. It worked out good.

I’m now on part 2 and of course they always try to improve and Jack shit up. But I do enjoy it. Just mad I have to pay for gas now lol. I’m kicking ass pretty good now. When I beat it I will update you all.

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Dragon Age

Posted in Games with tags , , , , , , on June 11, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So I’m still up. How about Dragon Age III Inquisition teaser? With Morgan telling the story. I’m so excited.

I entered Dragon Age Origin this year and was immediately hooked. It’s my type of game. Love it.

In Origins, I played as all characters but the human noble and dwarf origin games. My first play through I was an elf mage. After five play throughs I’m going back for more. As a Noble Dwarf I put Allister on the thrown, killed Logan, and put his bitch of a daughter in the tower. Of course I put my brother on the throne. The traitorous bastard, but the power must stay with the Aeducans. When I first played the game the tower was like, what the fuck lol. Orzammar isn’t exactly a short one either. The Brecillian Forest was rough. But man heading to Denerim was like can I really pick up any more errands. Lol. Wondrous play time. Plus Morgan had Allisters baby. Nice.

Awakening was amazing and I really enjoyed the new characters, and was delighted that Ogrhen was part of my party. Justice was okay a little weird. Nathaniel was a beast with his bow. Anders was hilarious, him an Mr. Whiskers. I never did find out the cats powers though, maybe I never used him right.

Now DLC. Witch hunt was entirely to short. However the mage robes was nice. Leliana’s quest was interesting and gave more to her ways. My darling lesbian. I banged everyone lol except Sten lol. Her armor from that quest was nice. Argamark(?) wasn’t even cool. That damn harvested was like, really? What the hell? But that mace was nice as shit.

On to Dragon Age 2. Really cool that everyone can use the poison. Mad they took blizzard away, that damn winter blast annoyed me. But the force mage was nice. I wish Merrill could have had heal, and her blood magic was more prominent. Sebastian got on my nerves with his damn preaching but having him in the party was cool. Anders, I didn’t like what happened to him. It explains Justice, but it wasn’t the same Anders. Wow, did Isabella grow out. She’s vicious though. The first play through I gave her was to the Qunari. Second play through, and third I fought for her ass, and forth play through I didn’t play with her as much and her ass ain’t come back. Bitch. Fenris was a very angry character but his two handled skills were on point. I banged him, Anders, Merrill, and Isabella. Oh and Zevran. Was so happy he made an appearance, Leliaba as well. Varric is hilarious, and Bianca is my bitch lol. Aveline, the tank was useful as well. The siblings ugh. First play through Bethany died I was like what the hell. Second play through Carver (the dick), became a Templar. Third play through Bethany became a Warden and she complained every fucking chance I saw her. I was like I’m killing that bitch next time lol. Fourth time I put the bitch in the Circle.

Mark of the Assassin was pretty awesome, . Loved the options for a rogue. My other play throughs I went in with my two handled weapon and staff blazing lol. For The Legend I was mad as hell with Corpheyus. He whooped my ass especially on hard. But those two DLC, plus Sebastian got me two level 27. I was a hard hitting bitch. I used a two handled weapon, sword and shield, daggers, bow and staff. Pretty good.

As a rogue, duelist and assassin are wonderful special abilities. For mage force mage and healer helped a lot. As a warrior berserk was my main whoop ass.

What I would recommend is buying the bundle packs like mage, wait, and rogue packs I and II. You will not be disappointed. Damn near every character has there own necklace, belt, rings, and some banging weapons. It’s worth the money. Also do the DLC. Great for experience points and that extra two levels.

Happy playing 🙂

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XBOX ONE…not impressed

Posted in Games with tags , , , on June 11, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Of course I wouldn’t be. When XBOX launched I didn’t like anything that it produced. When the 360 came out I was like this is nice. I have my live account but was pissed when I got it free but could only download games and play, but not with friends or access my Netflix. Such a rip off. But Dragon Age got me hooked. Origins and Awakening. But my husband plays a lot of 360 so I follow him. It’s a good platform minus the having to pay to watch things you already pay to watch.

I won’t be buying the XBOX ONE. It’s a waste of my money. But I will invest in a new 360. They still have a lot of good games that I’ve enjoyed on their platform.

At a hundred dollars more, and not addressing their used games like Sony did I think the One took a hit. But they have their fans like Sony, so hey pre-order and enjoy your game.

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Posted in Games with tags , , , , on June 10, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So I am a PS whore lol. I am so excited for the PS4 to come out.

I started my first gaming with the Play Station. It was Final Fantasy. I was hooked. Then I jumped to the PS2 when The Sims came out. The PS3 was beautiful. I love my Ratchet and Clank, and if course my God of War Series. The PS4 got me wet.

Kingdom Hearts 3, I have been waiting for since the first one came out. Final Fantasy versus XIII, 14 AND XV. Yup love my FF.

The indie games that are coming on PS4 are of the chain. I love those little games. Destiny is hot. I’m not good at FPS but damn it I’ll bite lol. Elder Scrolls online, Batman Arkham Origins (I LOVE DC), 2K, I will try. Never liked basketball games, especially anything from 2K but it looked good. I’m a Madden bitch myself, but I’m always willing to branch out. Watchdogs is going to be fucking awesome. The Dark Sorcerer was hilarious and I so can’t wait to see the rest of the trailer tomorrow.

Now that I know what the PS Vita does I have no problem doing the money for it. With an archival library of 650 games it is well worth the purchase.

And the GTA PS3 edition I do fucking what. I’m a GTA fan and have almost all the damn games. So it looks like I’m broke fir the holidays but it’s so worth it.

Ahhhh, I love Sony lol.

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Hot Gamer Chicks do exist!

Posted in Games with tags , on June 5, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

How do I know. Because I am one of them.

I’m not 250, 300, 400 lbs or what not. I’m over 200 but not round. I do have curves lol. I’m short, over five feet. Barely lol.

I am a RPGer. Love those games. What games do I currently play. Well let’s see.

Gears, gears 2, gears 3, judgement
Dragon age origins, awakening, 2
Bioschock trilogy
Mass effect trilogy
Ninety nine nights
Army of two
Fable 2, fable 3
Burn out
Call of duty(I’m a baby in this series)
Ultimate marvel vs capcom

Madden 09, 10, 11
God of war, 2, 3, ascension
Ratchet and clank tools of destruction
Heavens sword
Marvel vs capcom 3 date of two worlds
Soul caliber IV
Walking dead survival

Wii sports

Kingdom hearts, chain of memories, 2
Soul caliber 2, 3
Burn out 3
DMC 2, 3
Dragon ball Z Budokai
Jax, 2, 3
Onimusha, 2, 3, dawn of dreams, warrior blades
God of war , 2, 3 (as well)

I had a game cube but lost the cords. My PS was just done lol. But I do hope to get all my game systems up and back. I’m also PC chick too. I started out playing The Sims and I enjoy it. Then Diablo and Tom Clancy games.

So for those who game feel free to add me. I’m not the best but damn it I can survive and revive lol.

360: TsunamaiAzula
PS3: KeonaAE
Steam: kitty3l3m3nt

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