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Reading the Chakras Day 18

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My chakra alignment is pretty decent. Of course there are things that I need to work on, but who doesn’t. Not to much to say about this spread, it speaks for itself.

1 earth, 1 air, 2 water and 3 trumps.

How are my chakras working with one another, and are there any more cleansing I need to do for them as a whole.


Character Day 6

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This was an interesting spread. It seems like no matter how much I shuffle and cut, I always will have at last 1 of the same cards from previous reads. Odd but intriguing.

This spread contained 4 water, 2 earth, 2 air, and a Trump.

Questions asked?


Dominate outward qlty?

Dominate inward qlty?






Effect on goal?


Paimon (Goetia #9)

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Love how he puts them all together. Mine isn’t as neat as his though.

V.K. Jehannum

Names: Paimon, Paimonia, Paymon
Legions: 100 or 200
Date: June 11-21; April 30-May 4; August 2-7
D/N: Diurnal
Direction: Northwest; West
Zodiac: Taurus 10-14; Gemini 20-30; Leo 10-14
Gematria: 186; 187
Element: Water; Air; Earth
Rank: King
Tarot: 6 of Disks/Pentacles; 10 of Swords
Color: Yellow, Red, White, Black, Dark Blue, Green
Subordinates: Basmijael, Kebersa, Astolit, Bebal, Abalam, Azael, Carahim, Hachamel, Agasaly, Eberon, Aglafys, Dison
Qlipha: Gashkelah (Primary) (Jupiter/Astaroth); Thagirion (Black Sun; Belfegore), Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan)
Planet: Black Sun (Primary), Sun (Primary), Jupiter (Almost Primary), Mars (Least Affiliated), Mercury, Neptune
Attributions: Mercury, Frankincense, Coltsfoot, Bindweed, Gum Arabic, Balm of Gilead, Gold

Above: Artistic Depiction of Paimon for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

Paimon is the King of Noble Savagery and Guardian of the Depths and Subconscious. While primarily listed as a solar king of the Goetia, he has myriad alternative planetary and Qliphothic…

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245 Day Working! TF am I smoking?!?!?

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Nothing. No seriously I am completely sober. Well…ok slightly drunk…but still coherent.

This really isn’t an honest to goddess pathworking with rituals everyday. What this is, is me improving myself. I had a session with my guardian and he pretty much reemed my ass. Lol. There is a huge wedge between my spiritual work and my mundane life.  I thought it was good but apparently I was wrong like shit. What this 28 day working is telling me, is that I still have a lot of shit to overcome, and I need to find a better way of fitting my practice into my schedule. I mean I do things everyday, but apparently that is shitty. So off to create a new schedule.

To get this started, I talked to my guardian for like an hour or 3, and pretty much brought down all the books from my bedroom and basement and placed them on my dining room table. Sophie was not to happy about that, since they surrounded her food bowl. Go fig. But I wrote down everything that I have and am currently working on. After a good back and forth and me listening, and being read, and listening, and listening again, I organized everything into 4 categories as requested, in which 2 of them are high priority.  The 2 can take a back seat right now.

Once those were ID’d, I then grabbed one of my many blank spiral notebooks (seriously I should buy stock in Staples) and proceeded to write down the things that need to get done, what I hope to accomplish with them, and the beginning of a daily and weekly schedule. I mean shit- I need to say my prayers every morning and night- not when I remember them. I need to incorporate yoga, walking, psychic building and meditation time in everyday. I need to be consciously eating and not just mindlessly eating. I need to feed my brain more (and that is going to be a feat). I need to make sure my spiritual and mundane life is one. Because, like they said, “You are doing a shitty job”.

I do have the idea of working with the Necronomicon deck during this time. At first, I was going to pull 2 cards a week and work under their influence. Then I scrapped that because it didn’t fit. So secondly I was going to work with one card a day and let it guide me like I am doing now. But that didn’t fill right either. Then, lol, I was like hmmmm…I took that tarot class last month so maybe I will just practice my readings with the Necro deck. It is attuned to me and my deep subconscious so this may be a better option. (See…it pays to attend as meaning classes as you can. Never know when it may come in handy!)

I have everything sitting in its separate area. I still need to put more books together and I need a few book bags to make sure all the books and binders and whatnot, are put away properly. And to give you a glimpse to what I am talking about, I have:

11 binders, 7 composition books, 6 empty spiral notebooks, 18 reading and working books, shit load of lancets, daggers, clay, pens/pencils/markers/, tape, scissors, hand sanitizer, stickies, hole puncher, candles and etc. LOL!

Needless to say my candle supply is becoming really low. Like I have enough to finish the month out, maybe a couple of weeks into May. So you know what that means, I have to make a list of candles, herbs, and other items to get up to carry me for a few months and then make another run. I mean I am going to be very irked doing my workings in the summer, because I already generate a lot of heat. We don’t turn the AC on till June (we all know how bipolar the weather is), so I can always go into my basement where it is cool year round lol, and relax. Matter of fact the basement is about to get a makeover.

I can say this, being back in my parents house is weird. I never imagined being a divorcee at 36 and back in school lol. I mean shit! What this experience has taught me was that I really don’t know myself, or those I were in a relationship with, or my parents; and I am glad to be back with them so we can learn each other (I mean I left home at 17, joined the military and 20 years later I am back!) I have been through a lot. There were experiences that I needed to get me to where I am now. I am grateful to be able to even come home to the support of my family. Besides, I really do believe in communal living. Times are tough and we need all the help and support we can get. I guess I am getting nervous with my parent’s getting older as well. Who wouldn’t really? So I really wouldn’t move far away. Well maybe far away were we won’t bug each other, but close enough where I can either catch a flight or drive home if need be. Plus I get to help my mother make her own portable altar so you know I am hype about that!

My path is medicine (spiritual and mundane). My gods are all healers, or death related, and enlightenment and also in a place where they are all about understanding the depths of a person. I didn’t take all those psych classes for no reason, just another degree I want to obtain as it works directly on my mundane and especially the spiritual path. It is amazing when you see things clearly for the first time, in a long time. Now I have till the end of the year to get myself in a good practice, to slow down and make sure that I am really becoming who I AM and not what I think I am you know. Not rushing anything, not beating myself up and just immersing myself in all aspects in my life. I need everything to be seamless.

I do have some crazy ass projects coming up, and I will fill you in later. I have some reviews coming up as well and maybe a reworking of this blog and my other one. My drop some categories, combine and/or add…I swear man, this is going to be a challenge that is going to wreck my nerves lol. But it is all worth it.

I mean I need to be able to: do my school work, my spiritual work, tend to my classes and students, work on my relationships, enjoy me off time and finish Season 12 of Supernatural. Put a dent in my Netflix and Hulu queue, get reacquainted with my PS3 and 4, and 360 and Wii. With the Wii I will be bowling like a champ lol!

I mean, gosh, time does fly when you are trying to shake the world and put your stamp on it 🙂

28 Day Workings Day 20

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Man not that many days left now. Even as I write this, I have done a shitload of workings, and have gotten pretty damn far with divine. I have read books that I have been forgetting, I have picked up projects that were half finished, or completed and just not worked through. But now, I am caught up for the most part and I have enjoyed the time I have had with my progress.

Today is my 6 day Posiedon Ritual from the ToAF. Intense but hell, you can’t do a working if you don’t push yourself.

I read the Kemetic Diet by Muata Ashby, and it was interesting. Got some hints and tips, learned something new, updated other material so I am happy. I also have the master cleanse as I wanted to make sure I was doing for my body and my mind this break.

I am coming to a stopping point, but this won’t be the end.

Book Reviews

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I was taking a breather between workings, as I am packed down lol, and I decided to go through my book reviews. I am a little disappointed, I have only put up 20 book reviews, even though i have literally read hundreds. So that shit is about to change.

I should be able to put up the occult reading books quicker, but as far as books that are made to work through, instead of just reviewing them, I will work through them and then put everything up there. I thin that is a better way for me to review the material, to make sure it was easy to follow, and all residuals that will happen and if it is even wise to keep some books in your home. I know my Necronomicon hasn’t been touched since 2003. So yeah shit like that lol.

I have 6 that need to go up, and most likely the ones that are already p will be down again as they are books to work through not to collected and put on your self. I do have markings in all my working books, and stickies, and preparations. So I work through my shit, I just do too much at a time and will be slowing that down lol. I would like to get through 2 working books a year and at least 10 books reviewed a year.

Seems easy, but with medical school, family life, a 245 day working coming up (yes, I am really about to do it, I will explain it more), and 6 Orders and 11 path workings that need to be rewritten and worked through; it will be a very delicate balance. Not including making sure I can work back in research and keeping up with the advances in medical for my chosen field. It is a hectic thing, but I love it!

I should start posting the reviews I already did probably within the next few weeks, but that is no guarantee lol.

Abbadon, the Beast of the Pit

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Abbadon, the Beast of the Pit
It is centered on Abbadon, the Beast of the Pit, his aspect of the Destroyer, and his role in exploration of the Shadow Self on the Path of the Dragon. The project contains 4 workings which have to be done individually on 4 days in a row, at any hour of the evening/night. The first meditation will open gateways for the current of Abbadon to enter your personal temple, and the following three workings will bring you into confrontation with your Shadow Self, based on the pattern of death-burial-resurrection as a self-initiatory ritual for embracing the mysteries of the Abyss. The purpose of the whole project is to introduce the practitioner to the gnosis of Abbadon as the Beast of the Pit and the Destroyer, representing the consciousness of the adversary as a tool of individual transcendence.
The project starts on 24th and ends on 27th April. There are no restrictions on participation – the project is open to everyone. Feel free to contact me to receive the project materials. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of time for translations, so this time it’s available only in English.
To get the info go here ToAF (