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#domagick Elemental Cleansing

Posted in Buzz Worthy Posts with tags , , on 03/15/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So in my previous post I think I said I was going to do all 5 elements, at like 6 days each. Well scratch that lol, I am only going to do 4 at one week each and save the last 2 days for something that combines them all together.

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My first week I will be working with Earth. It is my weakest element, barely found in my natal chart and just overall not as impressive as it should be. What I will do is use the elemental balancing ritual from S. Connolly to remove the old element energy and infuse it with new energy via this ritual on her website called Elemental Balancing that is in a pdf of her Modern Demonolatry Book. I will do this with every element for the month.

I then will work with the Demonic Pantheon of my House (that relate to the element I am focusing on) to help cleanse and strengthen the element that I am working on. I am also include cleansing using Plantery Magick, color healing as well.

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The second week I will be working on Air, to get that intelligence even more finely tuned. It is my second weakest element, and I am not really surprised.

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Fire is the third week, and I am equal in Fire and Water. But I figure I might as well work with this one next and utilize meditations and mantras from my Matron Sekhmet to get me through this week.

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Lastly I will be working on Water. My strongest element, as I am a Water sign. I will be working with my Patron Leviathan for this week, and I know we will get in some good workings and cleanings, meditations and more.

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I am going to throw Spirit in there as a balancing act the last two days, doing nothing but bringing all the elements together and making them one. I will be working with the House as a whole and will get 2 full days of completion before I add it to my regular workings.

These are the 4 books I will be working through, in addition to a lot of my personal workings and collections that I have had over the past couple decades. So I will be having a very interesting month of April. I look forward to more growth and challenges on my path.

And of course, you know there will be 5 tarot pulls, I mean I really can’t go a month without doing at least 5 pulls.


Tarot classes, my hand at it

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So next month I am trying my hand at leading a 30 day tarot challenge in my African American tarot group on fb. So I came up with some fun spreads, 3 from the internet and 2 I created. I look forward to seeing how the ladies and gentlemen progress on my challenge. it is all about self love, which comes with pain and healing, but you know what. It is totally worth it and everything.

It is only something I can think of, I can also come up with some discussions but I will see how this goes first before i try to lead like a 52 day class on reading and getting in touch with your cards lol.

I really love what I do, it is one of the few things that I can throw myself in and just feel free. But I am also addicted to tarot and plan on soaking up everything that I can with it and going from there.

#domagick The Next Phase

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The next challenge I will be doing will be in April. I will be doing an elemental cleansing using 5 elements and 2 books and a cleansing ritual I have from my Daemonalter friend. I always want to do self healing work, as I feel that it is the best way to have a happier, and healthier you. Mentally,physically and spiritually and more. So this is what I will be working with.

Book wise I will be working between these two books

These will be very useful for upcoming working. Honestly I have had these books for years, read them a couple times but never had the chance to really give them a run through. So I am really looking forward to seeing how they work with me, and how I can follow the steps and ideas contained within.

I will have 5 more posts. One post for each of the elements and the goals that I hope to achieve and accomplish in this next 30 day period (the 30 days are give and take if you think about the length of the months).

Tarot spreads will be down with each one of course lol, I mean it isn’t a pathworking for me if I don’t have a tarot spread in it lol.

So stay tuned.

God Genes Decoded

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Next on my reading list is this series for Occult books. I am trying to read 26 Occult and 26 Fiction books this year for my Goodreads Challenge.

I have had this book for a few years now and never had the time or chance to pick it up. It took me forever to find the books since they weren’t in print (I haven’t checked to see if they are now), so I brought them used from a 3rd party seller. They all came wrapped and were brand new! I was so excited.

I am about a third of the way through the first book and I am taking notes like crazy lol. I enjoy this types of reading. I will be updating my reading list as often as I can. This book will have a complete review after I have read all three.

YouTube About to be Popping

Posted in Buzz Worthy Posts on 03/05/2018 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Is this slang really what we using right now lol! Holy shit I feel old as fuck!

I am on YT as Keona Esh so join up and let’s get this thing rolling.

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Anyway, I will be uploading videos on Fridays. I will start out with an introduction to my altars and the House of Baal. It will be fun to get to know you all a little better. I mean shit, we about to be one big ass happy family right, might as well buckle up for this wild ride lol.

One thing I have noticed is that I have been super picky about those that I follow on YT. I mean I even unsubscribed to everyone ad went back to see who had decent fucking content. I also know I  hate talking, I hate listening to people talk lol. Like not talk about shit they know, but don’t have a whole fucking conversation with your husband about groceries if you giving a makeup tutorial or doing a spell. Like really, cut that shit out.

So the first videos will have me walking you through my altar, but the majority of my videos will be no talking. I am not a big talker. Only with my partners, then I barely shut up. I tend to keep to myself and I just don’t like talking. Will it change, probably, but not in the beginning.

I am really excited, I have some things I want to do a trial run with and some items to create. A lot of projects for all my personal workings and future shit.

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