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Last Semester of Community College

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This has been the longest 2 years of my life. I have been in school every semester (including the summer sessions) since 2014 in an effort to get the hell out of school and get this damn A.S. so I can move on to my B.S. I had two semesters of total bullshit and horrible teachers and me not being able to recover due to crap, and then with just some shitty ass teachers who have tenure and don’t give a flying rats ass about the students or if they are even teaching the material.

This last semester I am doing all online. I refuse to step foot on that campus again. I just don’t have it in me not to knock someone’s block off. So far when I had to go to campus it has not been a pleasant experience and I had to leave quickly and calm myself down.

I have 5 classes that I chose to give me an easy semester that can damn near guarantee me all A’s. Lord knows that I need it after the debacle I have had and the low GPA.

I am taking History of Art: Ancient to Renaissance. Has to be my favorite class this academic year. It lets me utilize my Occult knowledge and get a better handle on the lovely past. I can see the art and how it ties into the religious affiliations of the time period. Then there is Personality Theory which is very interesting. I have been wanting to take this class for a year now, and I am not disappointed. I am learning more in-depth about the different psychologists and their approach to their theories. There is World Religion in which I get to read these 4 amazing books that give me different insights into the authors view of religion from around the globe. Books are interesting as well. They are “Eight Theories of Religion” by Daniels Pals, “Short History of Myth” by Karen Armstrong, “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris and “The World’s Religions” by Smith. Very good books to have in your library. My Ethics class is not what I thought it would be and I find myself annoyed with it and pretty much waiting until a few hours before the assignment is due to interact with anything or anyone on the forum. My Calc class is going well, even though the teacher is still being an ass.

For the most part I am good, 4 A’s and 1 B. Can’t complain…so far.


Spring Break is about over, sigh

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It was very short. I have a paper due, three tests to study for, and a long as math assignment lol. But it is all worth it. I will be going for summer classes, so I can hurry up and get my AA an transfer to wither Temple or Drexel. Either way I have to make sure my GPA is on point, so I can do the honors thing. You know how it is, they only want the best from the Universities so they can brag “we have the top of so and so from whatchamacallit working for us”. They can care less about experience, which is truly sad. But whatever we got to play the game right.

There are a few programs going on this summer and I am going to go for all three of them, in addition to signing up for summer classes. Got to make sure your options are open, and I am damn sure doing that.

Not going into detail to much, but I am taking five classes, a full load, and my classes are literally scattered throughout the week and times are crazy. Fall I am fixing that shit and making sure I have morning classes and nothing on Friday if I can help out. At least not Friday night. Also if I am trying to get out quicker I can apply for a “class overload schedule” and have it approved by the dean. Most likely I would have some classes online, and the majority on campus, and hopefully two campuses not all of them. I rather be close to home so I can walk, but if I have to go to the Main Campus I am fine with that. Plus clubs for the fall, have to be in at least three to transfer as that is what they are looking for as well. Its like damn I am 33 years old, what the hell. I will see. I have to plan my classes with care.

But that is all for now.

Half way done

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So I’m official halfway done with my Pharmacy Technician program. They just sent me my next set of materials that deal with pharmaceutical dispensing, and a plastic replica of the oil spring machine that you see the pharmacists use when you go to CVS.

Hopefully by the end of next week I will be fine with these five books and can move on. I have so many notes, dates, and Latin translations in my head it’s ridiculous.

But all necessary for my end goal. It can definitely help me when I add these credits to the college I’m applying to in the Spring.

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2 Down 2 to go…sort of

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So yesterday it figures that I come down to DC during the hottest week of the year to tour campuses. Yesterday I toured Catholic American University, and American University.

First off I would like to say I saw more teenage ass then I have being a teenager. Its like they were auditioning for the next Girls Gone Wild video lol.

But at 10:30 yesterday morning I started my first visit with CAU. Now granted the Catholic has major issues with their holy leaders screwing young boys, but the children growing up tend to lean into equality and fight those issues. Its always the zealots that fuck up every faith. CAU did move up to my number one choice. For one the campus only has 3600 students, very small means smaller classes and one on one with teachers. It is a private university which means you don’t have DC streets just zipping through the campus which is very nice. They have exactly what I want to major in and for the health class I require they have this program where no matter what school you attend in DC if you need a course that your school may not have you can go to another college for that class with no additional cost.

The schools main library, and I think there are four of them is open 24/7 and houses around 1 million documents, books and whatever else you need. It is very large and smells of books…such a comforting smell. The tour around campus was beautiful. The landscaping was wonderful, their is Wi-Fi in and outside the campus, the buildings are not that far apart, and are made out of stone. The center pieces is their Church of Immaculate Conception which brings millions of visitors a year. I All I can say is that the church had beautiful colors, nice figurines and it smelled of candle wax, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense and myrrh.

As far as class go I can be very happy that they offer my Psychology and Biology as a dual major and that they have my German and Theology. The health is something that I can pull from their nursing program and their public health programs as well to give me the classes I would like. So the transfer admissions guy was very helpful, and I have his card so if I need anymore answers he can help me out. I like the professionalism, the overall vibe and the academic programs, study aboard options and activities they have. So yeah it is a number one choice for me.

At 3 in the afternoon I visited American University and was not impressed at all. When I excited the metro I approached the Tenley Campus within a couple minutes. The problem is that building was under construction and no one was there. They said they were only a couple of blocks from the metro but that was a damn lie. More like 7. Luckily I asked this Middle Eastern researcher where the campus was and he was going there as well. So we chatted for a few until the bus came, and when it did it was a nice little bus ride to the campus. The female at the desk was no damn help in giving directions, when asked where do we go once we are on campus she said the Arts center. Its like can we get directions. She was useless. The bus driver was rude as hell so yeah not looking good for the school. So once in we had to find the admissions office like all schools but this was weird because there was no one in the building till you searched lol. So we all went upstairs, me and the other parents and kids and signee in. The chick at the counter had no clue how to check people in. Just weird. They had water that was cold for about 7 minutes then it tasted horrible lol. Luckily I had a Gatorade with me.

I went in the room for the presentation and by then I had a headache because the extreme heat then the freezing AC was giving my migraine a pounding. They showed a 13 minute video that was supposed to follow a freshman to graduation day. Then the admissions rep, well one of them started talking about the campus and the schools. And she was talking so fast and what not. I just didn’t get a feel of that being a college I would want to go to. It was mechanical presentation.

I was really disappointed because prior to my visit AU was at the top of my list. They had the behavioral neuroscience from BA to PhD that I was loving. They had all five programs I wanted but the tour and presentation was not what I was hoping for. First the campus is on Mass Ave and if you live in DC you know have Mass Ave can get. The campus is relativity safe because it is surrounded by embassies, like the Japanese Embassy I walked past, the Navy Chapel, NBC 4 and Joe Biden’s house so you can tell there are a shitload of cops and security around. Outside of that the campus was decent, the student guide told us she doesn’t walk and talk at the same time because it takes to long so we are going to walk and when we get the building she will explained what we saw. I am like you can’t do two things at once, wow. I have no clue what buildings I passed. The quad where all the schools are is very convenient as you really don’t have to go to far over campus but it is still impersonal. The campus has 13,000 students and that is just to large for me. I like smaller institutions, though for the degree I would have went. There isn’t much I can say about the college because I was just not happy for the tour or the presentation. Besides at 56 grand a year, I was like what the hell.

Today I was supposed to go to George Washington University but with temps feeling like 105 its a hell no lol I have walked through the campus a year back and loved it so I will just do a blind apply and visit the campus later. Georgetown was to be Thursday but again at the temp its a no go. Besides GU is one of the school that is prestigious so they can charge an outrageous tuition and make it difficult to apply. One of the girls I was speaking with said at the presentation 8900 early decision students applied and GU accepted 800. So its like wow, basically as a transfer student I would have a better chance if I wasn’t married or an adult because they will look at my grades and be like what else you got lol.

So GU is a no go lol. Well it is more on the maybe list.

All in all it was a productive, yet very hot day.

Decisions, decisions

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With me finally deciding to take the time off to go back to college, its like being a senior in high school all over again. The colleges and universities to choose from, what to major in and the most important question, what will you d with your degree once you graduate. It’s all so much to comprehend.

The thing I chose to do is focus on what I really want to do. I know that through all my bitching and gripping, I want to help people. Work with their minds. See what makes them tick. Even deeper than that, I want to help them by any means necessary that is always natural. We give people up medication to suppress the problems instead of finding a way to get rid f them completely. All we do is drug people up so they forget their problems instead of working through them.

So guess what words came to my mind. Neurophysiology. Actually no, that was what I was originally going for. But I researched it even further and while it does touch on what I want it is not what I wanted. So then psychobiology and behavioral neuroscience popped in my head. That is it, rid upon them and yup found out what classes I need to take, what I can specialize in and I was like bam…I’m good. Wanting to work with people and help them through their psycho, social and emotional “disorders”. I use that term loosely because theses so called disorders we have is because of the poisons they put in our food and everything else we use. Doing it through spirituality/faith, a diet that is whole with plenty of nature time with less chemicals as possible in it along with treatments that don’t involve thousands of dollars a month that insurance won’t pay for a pack of 12 CD’s with a doctor talking smoothly on it lol. Just not my type of treatment and I know from first hand experience.

So I came up with this ingenious idea that I should double major in Psychology and Biology (a perfect combination) as well as a double minor n religious studies (theology) and health promotion (exercise science). I also need to add German to that list as well. Yeah its like I know right lol.

So my choices in institutions (haha) are the following
DC- Georgetown Univ, George Washington Univ, Catholic Univ of America, American Univ
TN- Belemont Univ
IL- Univ of Chicago, Univ of Ill

Seems like a good start. Though I am leaning more towards my home state.

I would love to see the faces od the people on the CUA campus when they notice my Satanic tattoo as you know someone will walking around a Catholic school lol.. So this week I have four days of campus tours and sitting down with admission counselors in trying to figure out how to work the majors in, how long it will take to complete my studies. How to transfer all my credits over and what not. But hey it should fun being on a campus at 32. Can’t get better than that.

Makeup Artistry

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Since you don’t need a license to do makeup. I figure I hone up on my skills. I have been doing makeup for around five years now, and I am honing my skills through QC Makeup Academy in MD because I wanted more training.

And I wasn’t going to MUDD for eights months to spend 30 grand for a non license recognize program, just so I can tell people I went to MUDD in LA or NY. But I have thought about honestly lol.

I am one year into my third assignment. Why so little advancement, because a lack of models. The females that were going to model for me decided that fucking and partying were more important than free makeup. I am like you need to look fuckable so you need your face done. Amazing right. Though the ones who only want to be my hair model don’t where makeup and I am like with al those acme and soda scars on your face you need some help. I swear I had an easier time in DC than I do in Philly. Amazing. So with that I will continue traveling back t DC for models since I can’t depend on the fake bitches up here to keep a damn promise. Business is business, your pussy will have a dick in it soon just let me finish your eyeshadow. I swear man.

But I have to deal with the fact that I am in the wrong area, and know the wrong people. Can do anything else from there really.

All I am looking forward to is using my MAC Pro card and stocking up on some of my fav products. I normally experiment and will jack myself up before I attempt on a model.

When I get home I have a few dozen looks I want to try out so hey at least that can keep me busy when I am free.

Photography School

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So I have this correspondence thing with NYIP for a certification in Professional Photography. So far I have been in the school for a year and only turned in one test. Still haven’t done my first photography photos yet. Why?

1. Because the photos I took for the project magically disappeared.
2. I haven’t had the motivation to take any good pictures or go places.
3. Excuses lol.

Yet the reason I joined the program is to help me with my hair business and to help me get up and out the house. To be able to go out I whatever city I am in and capture all the beauty.

Plus we have to get the film developed and I just don’t understand why we cant email the damn photos to them lol. But not to many places develop photos let alone digitally. its like we have a place but we aren’t sure how to do it. I have found four places which is good but to me that is just more money and time spent going out my way t get the pictures developed than just attaching them to the email and sending them off. But hey it’s all worth it right? I think so. A little hard work ain’t never kill anyone.

I have the Canon Rebel T3 sitting on my dresser. I have taken photos but none that I would deem be worthy of sending in to the school. I haven’t fooled around with it like I have wanted to. I mainly use it for my makeup artistry pictures and whatnot.

I have all my assignments from the school. Yet no motivation to get them done. Next week I will be in DC and there should be no excuse as I have business to tend to and I will be outside all next week traveling. Perfect reason to bring my camera and snap, snap, snap.