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#domagick May the Moon Flow

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I was all over the place this morning. Moon flow has a hard time stabilizing, ugh, this pituitary tumor and medicines are jacking up the time and when it should and should not be here.

So this morning all I did was my candle meditation. When I got home I did my exercises and looked up the positions since I didn’t have time to do a couple days before. So I decided this position will work, and considering I am on my cycle this is the perfect time to do these yoga positions, and connect. So I am loving this.

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What I felt during this position was pain lifted, a sense of protection, relief.

images (2)This sacral  is very important for me to connect to, for me to become one with . As a Scorpio I am Death and Rebirth, it is the essence of my life. In my personal workings and in my spiritual workings. This is going to be a fun 4 days. My spread says so lol. I need to stop focusing on the wrong type of pleasure and focus on more of a deeper connection and bringing forward of a deeper type of energy.


February’s Workings

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This month is busy, as well is all the other upcoming months.

This month begins the Yoga Chakra working I am doing in the next #domagick  meditation. I am doing one or two yoga positions for 4 days for each chakra. I am also doing spreads on those chakras to help pinpoint what I should be focusing on. Cleansing, balancing, getting the wheels spinning correctly. I do this in the morning along with my 15 minute meditation (down from 30 min in December’s #domagick challenge). It is very cool and I already have some good results in these 3 days.


I am also doing psychic workings and blood workings with my boyfriend. Improving my skills and trying new techniques in areas that I am weak in. I am reading another book You are Psychic by Pete A. Sanders Jr. and I have read it a few years ago, but didn’t really utilize it like it should have been. I can tell that after this book I will be scheduling these exercises later on this year.

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Plus 2 full moons and a new moon tarot spread.


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