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#domagick the Precursor and Day 1

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So yesterday I did my spread to see what is going on with my chakras and how they are before my workings.


This is my spread for the month and I will do this spread again at the end to see how I have improved or if I need to do more working. I am not going to do a breakdown yet, they will happen with each day.

So today is the first of the 4 day Root chakra yoga. I did my normal meditation with my candle for the House of Baal, and then for 7 minutes I did the Mountain Pose which was actually difficult surprisingly. I was able to focus on my root and the feeling of grounding myself. Tomorrow I will add the Warrior pose and hold that for the other 8 minutes of my morning meditation. Here is the chakra read for the root.


My root chakra spread is telling me that the state of my root is very confusing and I have a lot of shit to sort out. I have a bevy of friends that are willingly to help, I also need to focus more on how to maintain that stability. I have a good path once I can stand on a decent foundation I will be walking into new waters with good partners.

What I felt was a little blockage within my root and connecting to the earth. So what I will continue doing is focusing on my footsteps at work and reaching deeper to the earth. I will be relaxing even further in the morning when I do the mountain pose and the warrior pose. I did feel funny, a little off kilter. It was a good feeling though.


Teaching Classes

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I will be doing more classes this year. I am staying away from the intro classes, mainly because there are thousands of newbie websites from Wiccans, and thousands of groups teaching the basics that I  just will not teach. I focus more on the higher level classes, in which you work with blood, you work with your bodily fluids, and you can travel pretty damn well without having to be monitored. Why? Because I do not want to be responsible for people fucking up and being scared, and that in the past, has drained the shit out of me, and I will not do it again.

I have classes lined up for my groups and Orgs, and face it, writing up lesson plans are hard as shit. They require a lot of time, and I am tired of people pissing off my hard work because they just don’t give a fuck, or they feel the efforts are not there’s and they drop off. I don’t care if I have one student in a class, which I have had before, but this shit is stopping.

My time has become shorter and free time is not as available as I would like it to be. So my way of teaching, and how I teach, and the fee will now be imposed. I don’t have time for people to play me and deal with their shit. It is a drain on me honestly.

I do look forward to working with my new student and teaching again, as the material is revamped and it is a bitch to do lol. Mainly because as a teacher I am a hard ass.


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