Removing the Obstacle Day 5 (late)

I literally forgot about yesterdays post lol. I was relaxing and studying and just chilling from school, soaking up the good weather that I didn’t get on my laptop.

So far I am loving these spreads I am doing. I am getting comfortable at going for my gut reaction and trusting myself. I even read for my sister ( which oddly I can read others fine, but I suck at reading myself lol).  I added an extra layer to my tarot reading by tallying up the elements of the cards I pulled. That has added another personal interpretation for me and it has helped in the readings as well.

This read was focused on the following:

What is the obstacle?

How did it appear?

Have I tried to work on it?

What more needs to be done?

2 fire, 1 water and a Trump card helped with the flow of the read.




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