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28 Day Working, Day 6

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Today it rains, the entire day. So I start my day off with a shower meditation to Leviathan, and will be performing his rite later on today. As usual the Goetia Daemon for the day is Crocell, and blood will be let.

I will be working on my tarot for the day, along with a good fire meditation for Sekhmet and her altar. Will be able to do some meditations form the psychic book today and start on my asanas.

After that I will try to break down and rewrite my brothers Order as it is extensive as hell. I have some classes that I am taking offline and will be dealing with the people on a more personal basis. I think it is better to be honest.

Read some books and relax, and then just coast for the rest of the day.

Come on day 6 let’s get it packing!


28 Day Working, Day 5

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I love the days where I have a lot to do yet, I seem to do it all and then feel bored lol.

Today was one of those days. I did my daily Goetia meditation to Haagenti, offered up some blood and lit a candle, after dressing it in blood. I mean that is my specialty lol. After that I started reading Llewllyn’s Complete Psychic Empowerment book and took notes like I normally do. I read the 3 exercises and will be doing them tomorrow.

I wrote down the interpretation of my tarot card my partner picked, and after i finish that then I will put that up in a blog post on its own.  I will put it in 5 parts so it won’t be just ignant long and shit.

I was able to work on my papers for Lilith, get a couple of path workings organized and ready for reworking for next year. I will be spending the rest of the year reworking these 2 (one is an extensive 28 chakra healing system, and a 13 gate divinatory ascension) workings for next year. This will give me the time needed to plan all my workings because next year I graduate college- afuckingain- so I should be free for a few months if I don’t go back and work on the B.S. degree. Which honestly, I rather work and do my path workings and go to school the next year or just take a couple of classes later next year. We will see.

I made some leeway with spiritual programs, and was able to go into some groups and interact a little bit. It keeps me sane for the most part. even though I feel like I do so much but yet it still isn’t enough. There are moments when I have to remind myself why I am doing what I am doing, and how it will help to benefit others. After all, this is why I am here. I am a teacher, a counselor, a mentor; and that is my calling. I am not going to turn that down because I have a little bit of doubt, I mean who doesn’t. It is a part of life, and I have my down days like any other person. I am lucky though I have a spiritual partner that can help boost me up and vice versa. I have friends who I can chat with and they can immediately make my day better.

Today was a good day, not as hyper as the previous days, but I got a lot of work down, and a lot of material flowed out of me and onto paper which was a really good thing. So far this vacation for me to work on the spiritual and mental is really helping me a lot.

Day 5 down, let’s keep it going!


28 Day Working Day 4

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Today was a very easy day. I did my ritual and meditation to Uvall, lit a candle and it burned constantly throughout the day. The wax is completely gone, only the wick remains. I did go ahead and gathered all my Daemon workings and paperwork so they are neatly organized.

I started my research on the Orishas that have called out to me. I have a lot already, but now it is getting serious.

No blood working today, kept everything inside of me lol. Did a morning meditation to Leviathan and still working on a fire meditation for Sekhmet for the night time. I played with the puppy, explored more groups, acquired more books, and just chilled out. I didn’t read anything, just watched movies.

Towards the end of the evening, my partner and I talked and I went in to a few trances, we bounced ideas off each other and what not, and of course I pulled my tarot card to write down and focus on.

My research is actually leading me into redoing my Divinatory Gate Walking with some new ideas. So I feel a little excited. I have around three other path workings I want to redo and get sent off.

Day 4 down.

28 Day Working Day 3

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Today I ran errands and ended up at my college for like an hour. After that, headed home and made it in time before a hard rain hit. The outside smelled really good, who doesn’t love the smell of rain in the air.

Today I worked with Bifrons and did a meditation to him, did a blood offering of his chip as you see above. After that I finished my Yoga chapter read and took notes, I am like really big on note taking lol. I did a meditation from the BoS, made my plan for my fourth go round of the Goetia and set that aside.

I just chilled and joined some groups on fb, and got all my materials together. I am determined to keep this working light, and not to over burden myself.

Day 3 down. Let’s get it.

28 Day Working, Day 2

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20170328_002928Today was the New Moon, and I did take full advantage of it. I did a mind, spirit and body healing. It was an hour long,  and it had some interesting results, but it was much needed. My candle is still burning so I will let it continue through out the night. Well not really, I will snuff it out and then let it burn tomorrow. My smoke detector is sensitive as hell, and last thing I need is startling the house and the animals…again.

I was finally productive and was able to put all my pdfs in folders, I have no clue what possessed me to take them all to begin with, but I still have to go through each folder and make sure that there are no duplicates, and that each book is where it should be. That is always fun lol.

For my Goetia working I reached out to Vine, lit a candle to him and just relaxed and meditated. I had a good time connecting and was able to send my request. So his candle burned out from early this afternoon.

I am starting my Yoga again. Man when we fall off we fall bad lol, but hey, just got to get back and go again.

Right now, I am only reading the introduction and philosophy of Yoga & Pilates book. Just enough so I can get familiar with the it. I really don’t want to overload myself, and for those who know me, you know I can have easily up to 10 things going at once, on top of school. So this is very light for me, and it is rewarding because I can chill, focus on a few things here and there and still get down what I want.

Day 2 down, now on to the next.


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