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Last Semester of Community College

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This has been the longest 2 years of my life. I have been in school every semester (including the summer sessions) since 2014 in an effort to get the hell out of school and get this damn A.S. so I can move on to my B.S. I had two semesters of total bullshit and horrible teachers and me not being able to recover due to crap, and then with just some shitty ass teachers who have tenure and don’t give a flying rats ass about the students or if they are even teaching the material.

This last semester I am doing all online. I refuse to step foot on that campus again. I just don’t have it in me not to knock someone’s block off. So far when I had to go to campus it has not been a pleasant experience and I had to leave quickly and calm myself down.

I have 5 classes that I chose to give me an easy semester that can damn near guarantee me all A’s. Lord knows that I need it after the debacle I have had and the low GPA.

I am taking History of Art: Ancient to Renaissance. Has to be my favorite class this academic year. It lets me utilize my Occult knowledge and get a better handle on the lovely past. I can see the art and how it ties into the religious affiliations of the time period. Then there is Personality Theory which is very interesting. I have been wanting to take this class for a year now, and I am not disappointed. I am learning more in-depth about the different psychologists and their approach to their theories. There is World Religion in which I get to read these 4 amazing books that give me different insights into the authors view of religion from around the globe. Books are interesting as well. They are “Eight Theories of Religion” by Daniels Pals, “Short History of Myth” by Karen Armstrong, “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris and “The World’s Religions” by Smith. Very good books to have in your library. My Ethics class is not what I thought it would be and I find myself annoyed with it and pretty much waiting until a few hours before the assignment is due to interact with anything or anyone on the forum. My Calc class is going well, even though the teacher is still being an ass.

For the most part I am good, 4 A’s and 1 B. Can’t complain…so far.


30 Days of Spirit Work prepared by S. Connolly

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I decided to order this little workbook because I need to focus and really get some one on one time with my deities, who I have been neglecting. I haven’t been able to sit down and properly pray, or meditate in close to 2 years now. What I do, I can’t really count that as something that has been helping me. I feel lost and I need to get the power back up and running. It is there, I just feel a disconnect.

So let’s get to reviewing this bad boy shall we.

This Magician’s Journal is 53 pages, its nice and thin, tall and wide. Gives you enough space so you can write in it without having to take up so much space. The book starts off with you labeling it, asking for your name, when you started it, and when you ended it,and a personal note section. It’s like other journals you may have encountered. I like this personal notes section because I can write down what I hope to achieve with this 30 day working in the beginning and then add what I learned afterward. The next three pages are the preparation write ups (one for the self, two for the prep) to further get that mindset ready for what you are about to embark on. Then a page for conjuration notes and a page for notes. Now we are getting into the working itself. So you have quiet a few pages to prep yourself before you are ready to begin a 30 day working. I would really take my time and utilize the pages that are given so you can attempt to plan out what your intended goal is to be. We all know that the Divine have their own agenda for us, so this can still be what our intent is actually going to be, or what we think it will be.

The Spirit section starts off with the a page for the spirit you are choosing to work with. There are places to draw the sigils, and if you have her Goetia workbook then you already know what it looks like. If not, there are places for the attributes of the spirit, their places, planteray options, herbs, keywords, a few note sections and a larger box so you can draw and map out your ritual. It is a useful four pages that will have you working in depth with your spirit. Again, here is where you will get to do some very good research on your chosen spirit. If you haven’t worked with your spirit in a while this is a great way to become reacquainted, and if this is your first time, this will help prep you for the working and give you a better understand of who you will be working with.

The Work begins by given you an idea for the layout in how to make the most of this journal and your time. On Day 1 you will focus on Sigil Meditation and it gives you some direction on how to go about this day. You also have a nice size area to write the findings of your meditation. Day 2 is the Offering Ritual and with some guidance and a large writing area you will make all your notes about the ritual that day. Day 3 is for the Tools/Seals and Patens and includes an area for drawing. Day 4 is where you will write about notes about any recipes you will be using. Day 5 is where the divination comes into play. Day 6 is ritual oil preparation and notes. Day 7 is the reflection on your first week. You will make modifications and then go one to the rest of the working the way you need to proceed. Days 8-30 are for you to do as you please with your personal working. The next few pages gives you more suggestions, tips and more areas to write in.

I like how this workbook is set up. I like to be a little more organized when it comes to my workings, and I have tons of notebooks and binders all over my basement. But this will be easier for me to catalog and to have for each being that I decide to work with. I can always look back on the workings from that particular spirit and then do it all over again and add more notes. Something that I tend to do a lot anyway. If you are super organized I suggest you get you a few. I did and I can see me ordering a lot more in the close future.

Good luck with your workings, and may they clear your mind and set you free.

A Year of Progress, Sort of…

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So last year I was doing a shit load of occult classes, school full time and dealing with bullshit on the regular. Well extra bullshit actually, that I ended up doing none of my freaking classes, and falling behind in every damn class. So needless to say I was pissed. But it was supposed to happen. I still have all my class assignments, which I will finish no matter what. My teacher is going to be upset getting a a freaking ton of emails and attachments to read lol. But hey I am getting my stuff back and concentrating on it.

I have to be careful and make sure I am not doing too many things at a time. I am getting back into my book reviews, because hey, who doesn’t like having an author email you and saying that they look forward to your reviews. I so miss that. Mainly because I know people bullshit and lie about books because they want to be in their good graces. For people that know me, if your book is shit, well then it is shit. I am not sugar coating it, but I am not going to make it seem better than what it is.

This year I am only taking four classes, but they are still intense. I plan on enjoying them and sharing my experiences. For the most part this year or almost for two years, I have went through so many changes, and it has all been for good growth. Though I lost, or pushed someone dear from me it was probably for the best. Everything happens for a reason, and the Gods haven’t guided me wrong. Or at least I stopped going against the grain when they clearly showed me what I was doing was just plain fucking wrong lol.

I will focus more on balancing, being a Water sign i just tend to just go torrential sometimes lol.

Up and Running

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It has been over a year and I have taken a lot of issues that have made me better. I am getting back to my roots of the Occult as well expressing my love of Science and Beauty. I will be writing on these accounts again just not everyday like I had hope to. I am in my last semester of Community College and look forward to graduation this May. I am also we hashing my beauty blogging on my other site, which I just started today. You can find me there as well…

Take care loves, I will be back soon with all the goodies and Classes that I have, had and will be taking Spiritual wise.


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