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Drawing Down Belial by S. Connolly

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I have had a good weekend. Another book from my fav author came out. Drawing Down Belial by S. Connolly. I picked it up Friday and finished it Sunday. I have worked with Belial before and I was so excited about a book in which I could work with him a little further. So I couldn’t wait and purchased the Kindle version (I will be buying the physical copy as well).


This book is for Daemonic Divination, Ascension and Channeling. A Psychic/Mediums dream! How this book came to be is a very interesting read and makes you think about the interactions you have with people, and even in the beyond, things can always be better. Here you will have information on how to use the following divination methods: Prepared Spirit Boards, Pendulum Dowsing, Scrying, Reading Daemonic Sigils, Ascension (Astral) Work, and Dream Divination. This is enough to keep you busy for some months if not a couple of years getting into the nitty gritty. There are also quite a few more divination methods that are included and talked about as well.


You are (re)introduced to the four main types of Mediumship. I am blessed/cursed to have all four: Clairsentience (One that knows and can communicate it), Clairsentience (Knows what is happening in the future), Clairvoyant, and Clairaudience. From there you are told what devices will be better for each type, how your Zodiac sign relates to your abilities and tips and hints to help you make the most of your gift.


There is a section on prepping the Medium which is really important to know and perform. Just don’t read it and think you can skip it. I have come out of plenty of Ascensions and felt extremely dehydrated and easily dranked half a gallon of water. You have the basic Oleums, teas and recipes to help enhance your gift, including tinctures and ointments. There are some that I will like to use even though I can connect easily. You never know what else can aid you and I will be looking forward to using some of the recipes later this year.


There is a nice section on prepping your spirit board and even making one for the purpose you need it for. You have exercises, tips, and the most important section, How to Destroy the Board if you have something icky attaches itself to your board and tries to come through.  The Pendulum section I enjoy because I have a really good idea on a wood board I have that I can use for my workings. I am not big into Scrying, as I have seen things that scared the shit out of me, and the fact that I can pull things out of a session, and that isn’t cool. Me being a Scorpio, we are known as the most psychic, all Water signs really, but there are some good tips that will make me try again and just to help me relax and try a method that I would have just dismissed.  There are so many different scrying techniques that are shared and talked about that I won’t list them here. You have to find out for yourself J


The section on Reading Daemonic Sigils and Tarot Cards are another favorite. I have three Tarot decks (Necronomicon my fav, Thoth, and Angelic). I think I am pretty good with readings and I practice a lot. I also am gathering equipment to make Daemonic Sigil Chips (I have the Sigilum Daemonic which you should get). Channeling is talking about in depth and is a chapter you need to read and pay attention to. Channeling is not easy to do and you have to relax and believe in what you are doing and who yo are reaching. If not, your screwed. Ascension has to be my favorite way of communicating with the Daemonic because it’s like it is just us two or however many, because sometimes someone who needs to talk to me, more someone I need to talk to joins in and it’s like a relaxing conference meeting. Sometimes they are blunt, sometimes they are an ass lol, other times it is a serious conversation in which I need to heed what is being said to me and what I will be expecting in a few days or weeks or months.


The last section I’ll talk about is the Dream Communication section. I am not a good person to ask about dream translations. I couldn’t tell you what a buffalo appearing in a mustard suit means. You could be hungry or the buffalo can be like why are you eating me go Vegan. Again I don’t know. But you should try to decipher your dreams by using a dream dictionary, someone who is good in it, or try to figure it out yourself. Recently I have learned that when I have a dream about being chased by food, it means I am reaching a breaking point and I need to step back and relax. Pay attention so I won’t burn out.


Closing out the book are rituals for Ritual consecration, charging your divination devices, , connecting with the Daemonic Divine,  and the ritual to Draw Down Belial. You will also have info from the Daemons in this book as well, and if you have been in contact with them you will know that Leviathan is right. The one thing I have noticed when I have channeled Daemonic Divine is that our bodies are too confined so they won’t linger long. It has been plenty of times that Lilith or Hecate complained that I was short and didn’t have enough room for them, and how we humans lack space lol. So if they stay long it is most likely an important reason.


This is another book that has been added to my library and practices, and I do recommend anyone that is interested in Divination, Ascension, and Daemonic Contact to go and pick up this book. You will have a lot of recipes to try, exercises that will keep you busy, and rituals to play around with.


The Book of Smokeless Fire by S Ben Qayin

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So I was able to add another book to my Occult library and my spiritual practice. This book was The Book of Smokeless Fire by S Ben Qayin. I came across this author when I was reading the book Sabbatica, and he was one of the few authors that I connected with in his article. So I was on board to get this book when it was released. I have not been dissapoointed. I ordered the book Tuesday, it arrived Thursday, I picked it up Friday and finished it Saturday. Best time spent in my opinion.


Not only is the book worth its money but it has this beautiful geometric design on the cover that just resonates with me. It’s just gorgeous. There are two sections in this book: Book I: Origin of Darkness and Book II: Summoning the Infernal Djinn. With every section there are beautiful pictures of geometric sigils between sections. Eye candy basically.


In Book I you are given a history of the Djinn, an introduction to the system and you are treated to quotes from authors you may have or haven’t heard of. And if you are like mw, they will be added to your must have list as you read through the book. There is also an explanation of how the Goetia we know came to be and where the beginnings came from and how information was added throughout the centuries. Very interesting as it was like an aha moment for me at least. You are also welcomed to the Triangles of Arte and the Circles. The description is enough to make you want to draw them out and get to working. But please resist. For now. There is a good section on vibration and intonation, which is very important in any working that you do. Without the right vibration, your working may not manifest or you may have to do it again, and it has happened to me. So always pay attention and be aware and try not to rush things. The last section of Book I is the Lunate Script. This, this is just beautiful. By the time you have drawn out your script and the Triangles de Arte you should have full intention and your complete will/energy, would have been transferred into the working and your connection should be very strong. The imagery, is enough to make you trance out. Only me? Well alrighty then.


Book II starts out with a very powerful meditation called Aligning with True Chaos. This is a fucking powerful meditation. With you taking upon true Chaos in its purest form you will definitely fill the power welling up inside you and bursting forth. This is how you kick off a section. You then go into the conjuration and then you are introduced to the 72 Djinn and the commander of the Djinn themselves.


NOTE OF WARNING: These Djinn are here for one thing. To cause pain, suffering an strife within the human world. These are not the Djinn you can call and talk to, because they would probably kill you. The forces that you will call upon need to be set out to do their mission.  They are used to cause madness on your foe, to torment your enemy, and remove them from this world. You do not call upon these Djinn because your boyfriend cheated on, or your friend didn’t pay you back. This is when you need to rid someone because they cause you intentional harm, or your closets friends and family. You must be of a strong mind, and be confident in what is to happen. They will be utilized for their purpose and you will show them respect. These are not forces that you think you can talk to because you are so “dark”. Grow up. This is grown people shit, and if and when you use them, it better be worth it and you better want them to do what you have called them for. If not, kiss your ass goodbye.


This book was a very pleasant read and I do plan on utilizing the techniques in this book and most definitely the mediation to its fullest benefit. If you are into Necromantic Arts this book is the darkest I have come across yet. It is totally worth money, and it will forever change how you do your darker workings. I recommend this book for people looking for that Darker Magick, who will utilize it to their fullest potential.


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