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Elemental Balancing

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Ok so we all know that to be while we should win working with elements everyday for life basically. And what I mean by that is we should be bending like fire, moving like water, knocking like earth, and floating like air to join with our spirit. We work with the elements we don’t control them.

Do you know the elements your strong in or what you lack? Not sure how to find out? Look at your natal chart, an in-depth chart, and take a look at the Zodiac signs. 12 signs will tell you how you flow.

To much of any element is not good as you will have a tendency to be in the negative ways of the sign, or your overcompensating in that sign to make you feel whole. It isn’t good anyway you look at. So the key is to balance by working with the elementals themselves, the elements themselves, and/or the elemental Divine.

In my natal chart I am heavy in Air, equal in water and fire, and low on Earth. So on my elemental balancing rituals I so not work with Air? Unless I’m checking the balance of it with Amaymon or Lucifer. I’m working with the Divine in addition to the physical element at the same time. I have my workings schedule with the zodiac time through out the year as to not overwhelm myself withy other ritual workings, school studies, and my normal wifey duties 🙂

Three weeks ago I worked with the elemental Earth Divines (Belial, Agares, Valefor and Belphegore) in a meditation ritual to ground my self. Since I lack Earth, that was a perfect time to start and the timing was perfect. My crystal is charged, the Daemonoc wood chips I created a while back are being put to use. When I need that extra umph, I have a few things I can take with me to help me out. And after the Fire and Water balancings are done (they are equal but still lower than my air), I will be able to have three items I can carry with me (since I’m overflowing with air) to be a balanced person all the time.

And from there you will start to see a shift on your spiritual field, your physical view of the world and a mental shift. I believe that when we are harmonious with the Universe we are harmonious with one another.

There are plenty of elemental books out in circulation. You can use those or you can design your own. I did a combination of both. As I ALWAYS re write any ritual or spell I use from a book. I almost never use the spell they way they use it. It’s all apart of growing and relying on your own mind strength to guide you.

I hope this helps everyone. Good luck working with the elements.


The Skeptic

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At first I was like this is dude is crazy and he’s an asshole. But as the movie goes on it turns out that this dude is really screwed up in the head. He has been dealing with a lot of issues that was locked away from him by his shrink.

The way he works them out is very interesting and it will always surprise you how the mind will find a way to heal themselves.

Put together an abandoned, yet beautiful old house he acquired from his dead aunt, bumps in the night, a cute psychic, a loyal friend, and family; and you have an interesting movie in how far a mother will go to right a wrong and be with her child. Fucked up, yes. But so worth it.

Ascending is Exhausting

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The reason why I say that is because it leaves me tired and thirsty lol. Amazing right. Sometimes it is planned, other times it’s not.

The reason why I’m up at this hour, is because I had an ascension that even though it left me well rested and awake, I’m still tired but functional. If that makes sense to you all.

Normally my ascending moments are during the day time, but mostly at night. I’m either in a trans state for a couple of hours or I’m zoned out with my eyes open. The latter my husband just normally walks away from me, but always checks on me because I do weird things when I’m “in the zone”.

Tonight I was in a trans, not quite sleep yet sleep, for five hours. (I know the difference between me transing out, lucid dreaming, on the astral plane and ascending. I mean if you couldn’t tell then that would be a problem). Now that’s pretty unusual for me as they have never lasted longer than two. And I recall everything from them. I mean if I didn’t, then wow right?

This ascension was completely different as the two Divine that showed up, were not who I was expecting nor wanted to deal with. As I was walking to my Astral Temple, I was accompanied by my three Guardians which is unusual as only one will be there, and he’s normally unseen. So I was aware but not really. As I won’t go into detail (as it is personal for my path) let’s just say it went from sugar to shit in a few seconds. My guardians were NOT happy with the two Divine that showed up. And you really don’t want to be near five Divinities that don’t like each other.

Long story short, things were said, promises made, and things have begun. Though my Guardians seem clearly worried, which frightens my ass why are THEY worried, I also trust them to lead me to where I need to be.

It is some more research on my side and a lot of planning. But I know they are next to me and around me until this task is complete. When will this new working begin? I’m not sure but I know there is no room for it this year. I’m pretty booked.

It seems I am having more ascensions than normal. As that may seem cool I just never know how they will go. Last time I ascended I was in a meeting with 13 Kemetic Divinities. It’s like going all day doing everything your supposed to do and then, your parents call you by your first and middle name to come see them. You automatically run through the day to see what you possibly could have done wrong, but can’t find anything. Then the walk to their room seems extra long. It’s a 50/50 chance that your fine. Lol and that’s all your worried about.

Nine times out of ten I have nothing to worry about. Even though this one was…umm…out of the ordinary, it was not a lecture. Just had to be done this way.

Something tells me, or someone, that I have a few more nights of ascending to do. Which means I need to hydrate and eat. Because if this had me out for five hours, I shudder to imagine the time the others will have me.

All I know for sure is…I think I’m going to need a lot more notebooks. Time to go shopping!!!!

Sabbatica The Seas of Death and The Arcana of Death Bringer as compiled by Edgar Kerval

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I know long ass title right. But don’t dismiss it just because of that. It’s 90% a very good read. I’ll tell you why in a little bit. We all know I will blast a book if it sucks ass. This book however I have mixed feelings on though they are primarily positive feelings.

It had thirteen articles, fitting, that I find quite intriguing. The art work was fitting and quite beautiful if you ask me.

The first 12 chapters I learned a lot from. I read up on different methods of calling and working with dead. Libations to offer and where to place them depending on where your ritual is. There is an essay on having a spiritual portal in your backyard that is really helpful as long as no one goes back there on the regular. It also tells of other places that you can place it. I leaned about the Necromantic Circle and the Necromantic Triangle of Evocation that makes me raise my eyebrow, and say really now? Looks promising. There are plenty of references from books that I have or will be getting that the authors mentioned in their works.

I enjoyed the Death and Resurrection Show, The Arte of Necromancy and the Calling of the Fallen, the Necromantic Ritual of Re-Awakening, Last Touch of the Great Prisoner (which has this awesome 9x9x9 journey that I am definitely including in my journey) and the Crown of Black Thorns which are heavily hi lighted and have notes next to them.

I also read more on Pula, Palo Mayombe and the Shuar People of the Amazon. Needless to say I will not be delving into those arts, as they are way above my head. And frankly I like being sane. They were an eye opening read regardless and have my mind just more reason to wander off and research.

There are more articles that the authors relay their personal experiences with death, and it comes off as being very deep and his you look at things in a different light. That I appreciates as they want to share their experiences with you, as well as help others on their own journeys.

No to the 10% that just pissed me off three ways to February 42nd. The last chapter is about automatic writing and I so a lot of it, so I was really looking forward to what wisdom this author had to share with the readers. This bullshit was, and still pisses me off the first paragraph is one sentence. It contains 173 fucking words, that will complete make you lose site of what the hell he was trying to say in the first place. Basically he was trying to convey how the spirit of a person can move around and connect with the divine around him in different faucets. Or at least that is what I hope he was saying. Because honestly I don’t when what the hell he was saying and it pissed me off. If you can not convey what you are saying, on a way that everyone can understand it, your automatically a dick and need to stop writing. I am glad you have a thesaurus that you use frequently, but to confuse readers so you seem more…”real”, will only have people like what? If I have to decipher your words, but a few more books to understand your “infallible wisdom” well you lost it on me. I will just move you to the list of authors I will never ever read unless I renounce my Satanic path and become a dick rider for Jesus. And that ain’t happening.

All in all the last 37 pages I disregarded. So I feel cheated out of this book. If it was printed again, his section should be removed and replaced with someone else that are on the levels of the other 11 authors.

Is it a good book to have? Yes it is? Can I say go out and get it? Not really. I feel cheated because an author decided to use every word known to man to describe something very simple. That automatically turned me off. For others who like to talk cryptic they may love it and be a follower of his work. I don’t like it and all I can say is look at the book and go off of your gut feelings. If you have no intention to ever do Necromancy work, by past this. This book is for those who are actually working in the current and want to add more to there workings. This isn’t a book to just read and that’s it.

But I did enjoy it.

One Last Kiss

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I love the feel of Nylon rope.  Its thick, heavy, and it also ties beautifully. I love the wide eyes look you have when you feel the rope tighten. To watch the breath slip out of your throat, to here you gasp in desperation. Your teeth are clenching as you try to tighten your throat against my pull. But wait, I have a surprise for you. I move behind you and place a kiss on your ear, right before I bring the bag over your face and pull tight.

Making sure you are oh so uncomfortable, and in a panic, I watch your eyes as they connect with mine in the mirror. I wore that favorite dress you brought me with those high heels you like. You know, the same ones you brought her. Wasn’t expecting to see her in the bed, tied and dripping her crimson wetness on our floor. She wasn’t much fun, than again when you slit someones throat open and gut them like a fish, they don’t fight back to much. Too bad. I really enjoyed her muffled screams as I cut her throat, just enough so we can have a few minutes together. That precious time between wife and mistress. But she couldn’t take the penetration, as I cut her open from chest to that belly, of me reaching inside her body and slowly pulling her intestines out. But I took great pleasure in cracking open her rib cage and squeezing her heart till she died. Her kisses were sweet in that last moment.

I see a tear come down your face as you are slowly losing the battle to live. You should have thought better than to cheat on me. I a your wife, not a common whore. We built 20 years of love, three children and careers that are friends envy. You were greedy. You never asked me if i wanted to try something new. She would have been ours to share my love.

Suffocate. Die. Cry. Panic.

You deserve the slowest possible death that I can give you. Why? Because as my husband you only deserve the best. let me kiss you one last time. Let me feel the heat of the bag upon my warm lips.

Let me kiss you goodnight.


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