Din din

So thanks to my sister I am growling with food lust lol.

So I made my husband his dinner. Which consists of ground beef seasoned and formed into patties, and wrapped in bacon, and covered in BBQ sauce. Making a pot of rice to go with it and some veggies. For me I have last nights hot wings and veggies.

Now of course I am changing my eating ways but I’m cooking what I have in the house and if hubby brings something home, well I have this month to enjoy it. Besides have you seen those programs when people are like we are going to eat healthier and they bring someone in and throw out all the food in the fridge?

Have you lost your fucking mind?! You must have money to blow. You could have finished eating it wait for the fridge to empty them started fresh. Or took that food to a homeless shelter. I mean is this what we do?! Just throw food out! You know how much it is to fill a fridge and cabinet? Too damn much. People play to much. That is just stupidity there. And as soon as money get tight they are going to think of all the food they threw away and how it could have been emergency reserves.

Either way I have more seafood and fish in the fridge than red meat. But I will buy his organic. He’s going to eat healthier, even if I kill him 🙂

Now thanks to my sister? I want to make some soup. Damn you girl lol.


One Response to “Din din”

  1. Very amazing story to read 🙂 Loved it.

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