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My Compendum

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Just because I’m tired of Book of Shadows. Yup, that’s right. Anyway…I finally have it organized…eh somewhat. I will probably go back through and delete some accumulated material, rewrite spells, rituals and charges. Even comment and share my two cents on some articles.

I have a few folders that I’m still thinking about deleting as its not my cup of tea. Normally I share that information online as long as it’s copyrights and the authors name is there, if not I put unknown. Or I’ll just toss it. But my African Tribal, Angelic Magick, NLP, and The East folders will probably go. I’ll add some good info to my Basics and Left Hand Thinking folder and toss the rest.

I have a folder for books that have been put in word document and not pdf form, that I  may get rid, because I probably already have them. I also have a folder full of pictures from the net that would make great tattoos and meditation pieces as well.

That leaves me with: Animal Guides and Astrology, Astral Workings and Ascension, Basics and Left Hand Thinking (though not liking that title), Book of Herbs, Book of Meditations and Healing, Collection of Oils and Incense, Dedications, Prayers, Charges and Invocations; Demonic Villa (not liking the name either), Goddess, Gods (May merge the two not sure),  Holidays, Music (have some good ones for meditation), Poetry, Spells and Rituals (broken down into further sub sections for my OCD pleasure), The Fridge, and Vampirism (but I think this is going to be absorbed in one of my pathworkings though).

I have my Pathworking folder that has my big projects in them. Chakra and Auric, Daemonaltry, Draconian, Elemental, Enochian, Necromantic, and Tantra and Yoga. They are pertinent right now, the others are in stasis which is cool. I don’t want to much more going on with me. Don’t need to overload myself again. But it’s not pressure to do this like it was before. I have enough push and drive to get what needs to be done. If I don’t do my half hour meditation today, it doesn’t mean I have to start over. It means I will do it tomorrow. I practice and do something everyday. Not a lot. It could range from drawing out a sketch, to doing a spell, sitting down for meditation, yoga, watching what I eat, journaling, or reading. There are no most haves, and most do’s.

I think that is what makes this so enjoyable. Even more really. I’m competing with only one person, and we get a kick out of how far we both have come in only four years. It’s a good way to make sure neither one of us is slacking, and that we aren’t over doing what we are handling. I know his limits, and he knows mine. Can’t get better than that.

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Why do I have this much to do?

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Ahh, because it’s me that’s why lol. Always over achieving and trying to get everything in balance so I can easily get to it. So here’s what I will be going into the year with.

Color Chakra Healing
Man this ish right here, jeez. Been working on it for 2 1/2  years now. A note pad, a pack of paper, and a small journal later (bursting with extra papers, and stick it notes) I’m like redoing the whole damn thing. Ugh. It’s not where I want it to be right now. I mean I have my Anatomy & Physiology book, my Chemistry book and Molecular Biology book, Wheels of Life, and the Sekhem Heka book in the mix. Basically I’m trying to create the perfect chakra system. And these books help me though they are just not enough.  I’m just so sick and tired of the 7 or 13. Shit I’m at 250 and I am placing them into zones. There are Dieties connected to each sub point with one main Deity residing over each major point, which I think I have down to 25. Maybe. Then there are colors, and planetary aspects to each, not to mention I’m taking it out of the modern and trying to focus on the Ancient times. But got damn it, is a lot lol. But it’s worth it. Focusing on the inner, like the deepest part of you is what I’m going for. Haven’t found one system that is in-depth like I would like it. So I have to make my own. Sounds good to me.

Khemetic Immersion
So this year my Egyptian/Ancient Khemet (whatever you would like to call it), just jumped out there and was like, nope I’m first. So I have so much to do. I already have had my “initiation” to them October 2011 under the name Shay Serqet Nekhbet-Haratu. But I changed that name into something a lot more workable for me and still representing the Gods that allowed me to work with them. Always with the latter months projects start tip come through. Here I gravitated to a few Egyptian Deities. Mainly: Aset and Ausare of course, Bast, Sekhmet (duh, she’s my matron I better lol), Shay (appropriate for my name), Serqet (me being a Scorpio), Nephthys (having that mother/daughter relationship), Anpu (one of four guardians I have), Aupep (a guardian), Ptah and Nefertum (the rest of the Memphis trinity), Khepera (an attraction to beetles brought him to my mind), and Amen Ra. Whew. So I decided to modify and see where the connection lies. It settled with my Matron Sekhmet, and her triple goddess aspect with Het Hert and Bast; her trinity aspect with Ptah and Nefertum; Anpu and Serqet. That’s the main hierarchy I deal with. It’s helpful and they compliment one another. Though I will work with them all when needed. I have a 4″ D ring binder bursting with info on Egypt, a notepad, Planetary Magick (they have done good attunements with some Egyptian Deities), The Goddess Sekhmet, Heart of the Sun, The Temples of Light, Pathworking of the Egyptian Gods, and Initiation into Egyptian Yoga & Neterianism. All useful for what I’m liking to achieve for my personal working. And throughout all that I can sense the Vampiric side starting to become more of a presence. I work hard to control my urge with no donor, but give years, maybe longer, is to much to bear probably lol. It’s interesting and I’m enjoying my time with them all.

Daemonolatry Goetia
Our however you would like to put it. I know I have found a home in the Daemonaltry system and it compliments my Satanism perfectly. Since June 2011 and officially December 2011, I have been working my way through the 72. I have the Goetia Workbook, Daemonolaters Guide to Daemonic Magick, Complete Book of Demonolatry, and my two years of hundreds of pages of written information. Man it was difficult I was going through the Qlippoth (which technically I’m still in since I was told by Belial to do this when I was in the fourth sphere). It’s been a nerve racking journey but eye opening. I have a quarter of the first set of disks ready, and have a few dozens to create lol. But shit, I’ll be very knowledge. No matter how long it’ll take lol.

Priestess Training
Having a wonderful time with that from the Brotherhood.

Self Initiation
So I’m really digging the Daemonolatry path and decided with a Complete Book of Demonolatry I can work through that for a couple years or however long it will take me. I’m doing meditations and I have a good four months minimum of meditations, maybe six with the way they are going lol.

Side projects
A business venture with two of my sister’s and my brother that’s actually turning up some good ideas. Awesome ideas. Helping with my sister’s website, pages and groups; teaching classes, my own page and websites.

Plus I’m still in Pharmacy Technician school and looking at another schooling. Perhaps community college again because it’s going to take some money to get my degree lol.


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My Elemental Life

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My Patron and Matron are very interesting. They both have what I need, what I desire, more importantly it helps me out and balances my life.

My Patron is Leviathan. I see him as a beautiful Dragon Serpent. Ice blue. God of Chaos, Serpent of Storms. He’s my emotional balance. I am a water sign. A Scorpio. And emotional imbalance is part of my life lol. I have had Leviathan around me for a few years, and had him for a Patron for a nice time now. I call upon him, and he shows when he’s ready lol, normally when I’m immersed in water. Uh duh, it makes sense, but I get lost in our communications. I heal little by little, control my emotions a lot better each day. He’s the healing comfort, the kick in the ass I need and deserve. Meditation every day. Morning, night. Even doing the dishes, whenever I have water running he’s there. He’s always there.

My Matron is Sekhmet. The Fire, The Vengeance, The Healing and The loving. I consider myself a fire daemon. There are reasons why, and no I’m not sharing. But I do have a long connection with her as well. Four years, going strong. She was first a guardian to me when I was exploring and getting deeper into Khemet in ’09. Then it seems overnight she was my Matron. I remember my first meditation with her. A real deep one. I read the Psycho Spiritual Way by Robert Masters. I have a small statue of Sekhmet, it’s around six inches tall. I was in the desert with her, going to her temple and her statue moved. The statute on my altar that is. Chanting her name, her statue moved. Slightly at first, then her hand with her Ankh moved up, like being presented to me, and her Uraeus moved. Her eyes shifted and looked through mine. I was burning up. It was a long meditation but one I will never forget.

I did a meditation to her today in which I was playing with the candle flame. I am a bit of a pyro. Working on my Pyromancy actually. But talking with her I was a little amused to have the flame bend with me. I willed It to bend right, and it did. I willed It to bend left, and it did. I willed it to grow tall, and it did. It bent mostly to the right and grew tall when I moved with it. It only bent left a few times. My Hydromancy is becoming better as well. Bending water in the shower is awesome. Not so much when your doing dishes though lol.

Either way, my Patron and Matron compliment me and each other. Though sometimes I fizzle out, or dry up to fast lol. Or sweating when they are around. Been a while since they have both been in the same area. But usually it’s a wet heat. And they never argue it fight, it’s just perfect surprisingly.

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Oh my, my, my. I just love this show. I didn’t know that the first season was 22 episodes. I was happy. I wish I could see stuff like that. I know there are a few Hexen Beast waking around.

All I know is that I want to know about those fairy tales. Just awesome. On to season two.

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American Horror Story Asylum

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Man these people are crazy and weird as hell. Just wow lol.

I do love how they have almost all the characters from the first season in this one. I mean it’s really creepy how they treated patients back then. Giving that they probably still do it now, just on the down low.

I mean bloody face was really creepy. But what would have been even more hacked up is if she fell for him, and they raised their son and he continued dad’s work and made them both proud. Yeah, that is how my mind works lol.

Now I can watch the third one and see how they are in this life time. Also is it just me or is Freya from the Witches of East End a guest star in the flashbacks to present time as well. Cause I can swear that is her

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