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The Fight Has Started

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The Fight Has Started

The war you started
Has begun
I have what you want
You plot with him
Plan with him
I am your child
How can you do these things?
No, it can’t be
Or could it be
I see how you look at me
I see how he interacts with mine
There is love shown
Always for you
I never denied you
But you denied me
I have no choice but to deal
My tears fall
But never wiped away


Sounds From Above

Posted in Poetry... on September 20, 2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Sounds From Above

I feel the breeze from your wings around me
I feel the chaos that it brings
The calmness that lies beneath it
Is comforting
I feel you with me
Around me
Holding me
I am like a frightened child at times
Scared to see what’s in store
But brave enough to welcome it
I am growing
My wings are flapping
Preparing to take flight

(c) Rev Keona

Come and Get Me

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Come and Get Me

They say that they know me
Know my whereabouts
Who I am, was, and will be
I am the tingling sensation left by a lovers kiss
That breeze that awakens you at night
That passion that drives you
I am what wakes you at night
I am what takes your breath away
I am here

(c) Rev Keona

A Mother’s Embrace

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A Mother’s Embrace

There are times when I walk with her at night. I feel her beside me. Holding me, caressing me. Making sure that I know who I am as a Woman, A Vampire, and a Child of Darkness. There are times when I never want to let her go.

I cleanse myself in Lemongrass and Sandalwood soap. I shampoo my hair, all being extremely clean and refreshed. Washing away the mundane filth of the day. I step out the shower and I do not dry. I walk straight to the altar.

I light my two black candles on the side, spark up some Dragon’s blood and Myrrh, light the 9 small tea light candles and wash myself over with s sage smudge. No one outside of Mother can get to me now. I offer blood on the glass black rose I have for her. Watching the blood fall between the unmoving petals. It comes to a point where it should drip off. But it just stays there. Holding itself. Waiting.

The circle is cast, banishing of unwanted entities are down. I proceed by calling your name. Softly at first…slowly increasing. With every formation of your name, I feel my body being wrapped by the blanket of the Succubus. I feel the demons of the night reaching up, caressing my feet, legs, thighs, butt, stomach and stopping short of my breast.

I let Lilith’s invocation spill forth from my lips. Letting the imagery drip down my chin and onto my breast. She is behind me. I feel the nails raking against my back. From above, the darkness covers my head, my eyes, my mouth, my neck, and my breast. I am fully in her embrace.

I fall into a deep trance. Dancing with Mother for what seems like an eternity. I do not want to leave. She offers me comfort in my time of need. She offers me love as a mother does. We have our fights…I am her child…and after a few punishments she explains why, and assures me, it is only for my betterment. For her I am eternally grateful. We will never leave one another. No matter the fights. She is there for me, and I her.

I sink into her chest, and watch as she engulfs my body into her world. I wake drenched in sweat. I smell of travels taken and long forgotten. A scent that is never-ending, and all welcoming. The blood on the glass rose, is now gone. There is no drop on my altar. I raise the goblet and drink to her, of her. Becoming her for an instant. I let the candles burn themselves out. Light more essence, listen to some music. And remember the parting kiss Lilitu laid upon my forehead, before I retire from my journey. A mother’s love is strong. No matter what.

~© Rev Keona

Theistic Satanism

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Theistic Satanism

There are those in the satanic Community who do not know what Theistic Satanism is. So from my point of view, and from what I have experienced, let’s me explain it to from my point of view.

The American Heritage Dictionary explains theism as this

Belief in a god or Gods, esp. belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world

Webster’s New Dictionary defines theism as this

Belief in divine creation of the universe without the denial of the revelation

Random House defines theism as

Belief in the existence of a god or Gods

Anyway you cut it, if you believe in a god or Gods you are Theistic. This goes outside of Satanism but will be handled later on in another topic.

I believe in Satan as a God, a force of nature, an entity throughout existence. Therefore I am a Theistic Satanist. However Theistic Satanism has a couple of sub categories to it. Yes there are two sects of Satanism that fall under Theistic. They are Spiritual (those believing Satan is a force and not tangible), and Traditional (knowing that Satan has given us the knowledge and adheres to it).

American Dictionary defines spiritual as

Of, realizing to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material

Concerned with or affecting the soul

From or relating to God

It goes on to define spiritualism as

The belief that the dead communicate with the living, as through a medium; a philosophy, doctrine, or religion emphasizing the spiritual aspect of being

Traditional is defined as

Of relating to, or in accord with tradition; adherence to tradition, esp. in cultural or religious practices; a system holding that all knowledge is derived from original divine revelation and is transmitted by tradition.

Spiritual Satanism is the sect of Theistic Satanism that doesn’t see Satan as a deity per se. They see him as an intangible being that is neither here nor there, but all around. Spiritual Satanists see Satan in everything. The way the earth takes care of herself, they life is always forming a new, and getting rid of the dying. They will not worship or have items that represent the being Satan, (well some may, I do not know). But I know that for then their spirituality plays a large role in it. How can you not be spiritual as a Theistic Satanist? It is our spirituality that allows us to rise above the masses and pursue more than the average person. Being in a state that allows you to see deeper into the material world. You can feel the energy that is around, you can feel the power from your prayers, the rituals that are being performed and the enlightment that comes from being in tune with the one. The knowledge that you receive from looking into the workings of yourself. Opening yourself up to higher thought, energy points, third eye awakening and soul recognition.

Traditional Satanists follow the Satanic ideology and conform to the adherents of Satanism. These Satanists try to live and follow the knowledge that Satan (as the name we know him now as), gives us. The knowledge we are given is that of self empowerment. The knowledge to improve one’s life, to live according to your guises (i.e. maintaining a job, education, physical health, mental health, emotional health and the like). To not take care of yourself, to over indulge in the pleasures we are privy to like drugs, alcohol, sex and food is being ignorant of ourselves. You can always enjoy yourself, but moderation is the key, respect for your vessel is the key. We can all make changes to better ourselves, and it takes time. To recognize that is a feat in itself. Your protection, quest for knowledge, self empowerment, self deification, is all made possible by the knowledge and push that Satan has given us to succeed with. He gives us the opportunity to be leaders, not followers. To do so is a travesty. The only sin I see is that of being ignorant to your own self realization. Sin isn’t owned by the JCI’s, it means doing a disservice to yourself morally or religiously. JCI’s are not the only religions out there, there are hundreds. To let yourself merely walk by in a cloud is doing yourself a disservice. To the force/God as well, especially when he gives you what is needed to progress higher than you have been.

So next time someone says I am not Theistic, I’m Spiritual or Traditional, they are actually saying I am a Spiritual Theistic, or Traditional Theistic Satanist. Catholicism broke down into Christianity and Christianity broke down into-Protestant, Mormon, Latter Day Saints, Baptist, Evangelist, Jehovah Witnesses and the like. They are all Catholics, just seen in different views.

Theistic Satanism is a religion that believes in Gods (Satan, Beelzebub, Azazael, Lilith, Baphomet and the lot). We have different sects of Satanism, groups, churches; all worshipping and serving the deity they believe as Satan. We are all Theistic Satanists. Theistic encompasses both Spiritual and Traditional. Traditionalists may not necessarily be as spiritual as the rest but their alliance to their faith is sound. They may choose to do rituals or not. It doesn’t make them any less a Theistic or a Satanist. Spiritualists may not use a specific name, but their rituals (whether they perform or not) are still strong. We are all Theistic, falling under that big ole umbrella of Satanism. Our ways of practicing differ from one another, but nevertheless we are all one. As a Theistic I do my prayers, perform rituals, talk to Satan (and anyone who believes in him can), and my other God/desses with no shame. I try to live my life in accordance to the knowledge that has been given to me, to the knowledge that has been made accessible to me.

I am a Theistic Satanist. It is now undeniable. No more am I mixture of them all, because in truth they are all one. I am me. I worship the deity known as Satan. I pray to him, talk to him, do rituals for and to him, as well as myself. I am a spiritual person, I am self aware, and I am a Goddess in my own right. I have the intellectual capability to be elite in learning, in absorbing all that comes my way, the finer things in life. Education has taken to a newer plateau, my experiences have taken me all over the world, my strength has guided me through phases of darkness and uncertainty and my faith has helped me recognize my worth.

I am a Theistic Satanist. I am a Reverend. Representing Satan at his fullest and most gracious. Everything I do, everything I am, everything I will become is because of the blessing he has bestowed on me. What type of person would I be to turn my back on him?

Reverend Keona


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What can we say to people who ask what is Satanist. Is it a religion, a philosophy, a way of life. It is all 3 in my opinion. Satanism is the way of living with:

common sense
using your spirituality to achieve higher goals
communicating with beings for aid in your rise
respect, understanding and tolerance, (to a point)
the will and know how to be a God/dess

I would say in my experience I have used/am using these points to be a better Satanist. My common sense tells me that there are differences in the world. Race, ethnicity, religion, political, social economic, scientifically. We can blend with everyone and no one. It entails us to be more open-minded and realize that we are hated and misunderstood. It is not our ego (though it can be at times) that turns people off. It is our ability to recognize bullshit as it is, and to think for ourselves, it is our freedom, that pisses them off. We have the ability to think and learn and evaluate ourselves on a higher standard than most.

Satanism, the worship of Satan is a philosophical Religion. It gives you the power to educate yourself, to look into life’s mysteries and open your mind. We have the capabilities to look into damn near every religion and add that Satanic flavor. Now don’t get me wrong, you do not have to be a Satanist to look and take from other religions and philosophies, and used it for your own purposes. For your own spiritual and psychological advancement. But what you do have is a Satanic way of looking at life.

We have a code we live by-Common sense. It’s quite easy really. Take care of your family, friends, and love ones. Atone for your wrong doings, lean from them, but do not blame the bogey man for your own failings. We contribute to society. We pay taxes, whether we like it or not, we vote, we help the environment, and we try to advance those into a better state of mind. Yet our ability to elevate ourselves above the ignorance is beautiful. Those who can’t are envious, and that turns into hate.

Yet some try to say we can live together with our differences. I however believe that is a crock of shit. Christianity is the bain of our existence. They are the only religion that will try its hardest to decimate other religions, turn the Gods of olds into demons of the new. To make their pathetic Gods into saviors. They go to other countries spreading their hate, and yet we are the bad ones. Trying to put the fear of god into a person. Satan doesn’t do that. Why should you fear your god? Satan accepted me for all the faults that I have, he understands that I will learn what I need to learn to better myself.

What can we do against a religion that is hell-bent on wiping out millions of people? Band together and get over these petty ass differences. Who gives a fuck whose Church/Temple/Building is better. Whose Satanic Philosophy is better? We can at least work together to crush the Abrahamic scum and then go back to bickering. Why the hell can everyone get along but us?

Does a “Real” Satanist defy all structure, authority/institution, even Satan himself? (from my first blog)

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Does a “Real” Satanist defy all structure, authority/institution, even Satan himself?

I think the ego just got bigger than the stance. Why defy what/who gave you the power, knowledge to reach your potential. Sure my spiritual parents are assholes and we constantly disagree but to just act like they are beneath me is just wrong on so many levels. I will never do that. I will not forget that regardless of where I am, I had to be put here somehow. If I created myself, I wouldn’t be here amongst anyone.

This is more of the ego overtaking a position that was given more weight than what it is worth. It’s like they thought they created a storm when it was a tornado warning on tv they fail to watch.

This is what happens when ego, people kissing idiots asses and stupidity rolled up in one leads to. An overworked imagination that goes awry with numerous consequences that they are to stupid not to see.

Now yeah we defy authority and structure. We make our own. It is the ropes of intolerance and blissful arrogance that we defy. Seeking to break free and bring knowledge to an otherwise depressed and blinded society. We rebuild structure one brick at a time, hell sometimes by knocking over a damn building and erecting the original back up.

Never shun the person/being/plant/ gerbil that gave you the keys and tools to be where you are now. It is a long fall off of your pedestal.

(c) Rev Keona

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