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A dream from long ago…maybe a past life vision

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The breeze was very cool that early morning. Or was it late that night. I do not recall. The other’s and I were on our way to the cave. It was time for us to do our duty. Upon entering I smelled the intense scent of sulfur. It was noxious but also welcoming. As we are walking through the cave I am amazed by the objects that are there. I touch the cool walls that have shelves built into them. They seem to be made out of bronze, along with the treasures sitting upon them. It is like a maze of artifacts, and it is our duty to translate what they are, and where they came from. It is extremely dark; the light is coming from the torches we hold in our hands. Our hoods are protecting us from the water dripping above, and our feet are bare sinking into the cool clay. So many days we have spent here translating, and going into trances. We are never given any rest, but that we have chose this life and honor it. For good or worse.

I woke up feeling damp and smelling of ore. It was weird. I was a little dizzy, but hey that is how past life regressions go. I have no clue how to control them as of yet. But I do know that I can slip into them easily. I have always brought things I normally have no business bringing out with me lol. I do now that after we were all in the cave it came a point where we walked to a clearing. I believe it was a dream of a Druid Oracle I may have been. The feel and searching’s afterward felt that way. I have been in a few different orders, and part of different Cults. All of them beautiful and amazing. I will tell and share more. But not all details. Mine are inundated with vivid colors, smells, touches, and tastes.



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Sekhmet. She is in my hierarchy of Daemons and Gods that I hold dear to my heart. I did a meditation to her while staring at her statue and the statue moved its head and the scepter she holds. It was amazing. The getting stung by a Scorpion, falling onto the floor, waking up in the desert, looking at her. I haven’t been the same since.

Known as the might one she had a cult center in Memphis. Her feast days are Mar 31, May 12, Jun 14. Her day of the purifying flame is May 4. Her day of offering is May 8. She is the daughter of Nut and Geb, wife of Ptah and mother of Nefertem. Her cardinal point is south with the element fire. Her herbs are: bay, carnation, cedar, cinnamon, ginseng, juniper, lime, marigold, and sunflower. Her crystals are: bloodstone, carnelian, garnet, red jasper, lepiodolite, sugilite and tiger’s eye. Her metal is sliver, wood is oak, color is red orange. Her incense are mint, patchouli and vanilla. Her days are Sunday and Tuesday, at noon. Her season is summer. She is the personification of the destructive force of the sun. The sun Goddess, Goddess of war, Eye of Ra, and the goddess of healing and death.

She is also known as Sakhmet and Sekhet.

(from my BOS)


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Serqet. Another Goddess in my hierarchy. She’s close to my heart by me being a Scorpio 🙂 Working with her is a mind rush.

Her name means “she who lets throats breathe”. Mistress of the beautiful house, Goddess of the West. Her cult center is in Djeba and Per-Serqet. Her cardinal point is West, element is water. Her herbs are dragons blood, dandelion, fern, honesty, milk thistle, plantain. Her crystals are agate, amethyst, ammonite, azurite, clear calcite, citrine, elestials,, infinite, red jasper, labradorite, lepidolite, obsidian, opal, periodot, quartz, selenite, sodalite and tektite. Her metal is copper and silver, color is blue, incense is rosemary. She is called all days at twilight. And Autumn is her season.

She is the Scorpion Goddess of Magick. She has powers over snakes and scorpions. Any animal that has poison really. She assists the process of rebirth in the underworld, comforts newly deceased people. She is an expert at bandging. She is a protective Goddess and punishes those who deserve it.

Also known as Serket, Selqet, Selket, Selkit, and Selkis.

Hair Woes

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I have the thickest hair in the world. I swear I break metal cons going through this shit. During the summer I wear my hair natural, doing my little natural routine. It’s easier, and let’s face it. It is to fucking hit to be wearing a damn weave. I don’t see how these chicks weave it out during the summer. Fuck that lol. Though my hair is growing it still gets to the point where, when I wake up I automatically have a faux hawk lol. My husband just laughs. I’m like go to hell lol. I have the most hair in the middle, always giving me a point or some shit. But it’s starting to get to the point, where by next summer I can do my gel twists, flat twist and all my cooky designs I did back in 08.

But once summer is over this chick is getting weaved out lol. It protects the hair from everyday wear and tear and from environmental damage. However I love my edges and actually wear a wig in between weaves. I have seen to many black women with no edges because their weave is to tight. Just ridiculous. That and the fact that they don’t give their hair a break in between.

Next month I’m going to braid my hair, better yet let my mother braid it and sew my weave in. I have some wild colors that I’m going to use. Red, pink, and black lol. I may just do the pink and black. You will never see me was silk around with pink hair. It will be within and under the black. No ghetto shit here. But my colors I love. Always have to do a bright color with jet black, or a brownish black. I love the contrast. If I never went to cosmetology school I wouldn’t know the proper way to weave. The kitchen weaveologists are some bad chicks. It’s just not my cup of tea.

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Good morning my faithful subscribers

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I do apologize for being absent for the past week. Been catching up on groups and pages that I help my sister run. It has given me some amazing ideas in which my own page will have only partial information while the rest comes here to my blog. You know how fb can be. People complain because they don’t have life and they block or shut your shit off lol.

Well they can’t do anything when I own this domain lol. Either way I think I will be taking my healing here with you guys. You will have my notes and all the shit I’ve been doing. Was thinking about making a separate blog for it. But why? That’s just more sites and honestly I do hate having so many sites. It will be an extra section that will appear in the next couple of weeks as Demonic Chakra Healing. That way you can see all that I have done that helps me. It may not work for you, and it probably won’t.

There are a few more categories that will be up, and other categories that will finally have posts. Stay tuned. The next few weeks will be very interesting.

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Herbs for the Darkside of Life

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Bladder wack
Mustard seed

Go ahead and look them up. There are plenty more but this should be enough to get you started.

Happy trails

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Hermetic Routine

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So exactly a year ago I was starting a program in which I would study Hermetics a lot more closely. It was to blend Kabbalah and Qabbalah as well with them. You know me I have to learn everything in order to understand everything. It’s only right.

So I have the following books in my library:

Hermetic Magick: The Postmodern Magical Papyrus of Abaris
Kabbalah for Satanists
Initiation into Hermetic
Practice of Magical Evocation
The Key to the True Quabbalah
Emerald Tablet of Hermes
A Bardon Companion
Seven Hermetic Letters

Heavy right lol. I always like to over complicate things. My mind works the best in that mode. 

I had planned on reading all of Bardon’s work. They will be last as they entail practical applications.

I’ve started reading the Kabbalah for Satanist last year and I was I intrigued. I liked how it read and the notes I’ve taken so far have some good information in it. There is one not I made in particular that year.

The Hebrew good names don’t refer to the one the Israelites used. But it is still off putting for many Satanist to want to use our work with the Kabbalah and perform Ceremonial Magic in general. I think it’s such a crime. I mean the knowledge may have been corrupted but those with gifted sight can see through the bullshit. They said the Hebrew good name have as much religion in it as Einstein’s theory of relativity.

I enjoy the read and will be reading it again. It’s not that many pages, only 30. I look forward to getting back into my studies.

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