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Losing the Desire

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For as long as I can remember I have always loved women. I only messed with women. From like age 7 to 16. Then I met a boy and all hell broke loose. Went down the hill from there. Apparently I don’t know how to pick a good man or a decent one, and just let bullshit happen to me instead of just walking away.

As I turned 19, I realize that men are pretty much garbage and started back dating women. Those bitches where crazy. Worse than the men. But then again they were my choices. So I dated both and just tried to see what’s going on. Most females I wanted to be with pretty much only wanted to play and go back to their man. I, on the other hand was looking for a relationship. I swear women are crazy you know.

At 25 I started losing the desire for men. It would be more of a back and forth. Some years dating both, some years dating one or the other.

Now that I’m 32 I know I am looking for females to be with for life. Which is utterly difficult because I’m poly and they just don’t understand what it means. I have two men in my life. A husband and a boyfriend. That’s more than enough dick and I’m kinda bored with it. I have a female friend, but she seems like the rest, more interested in dudes than a feminine relationship. So my boyfriend told me to go out and date. See if there is a female out there who excepts me for me and my life choices. I have a lot of friends who are happy in their poly relationship. Some living in the same home, others who don’t. They do let me know that it takes time.

I’m not looking for a female who wants a threesome or an orgy. I’m looking for a woman who wants me, is open minded and understand that I can love more than one person at a time, and understand the meaning of a honest, Open and highly communicative relationship. Intimacy is important but understanding is better.

So I think I’m going to do just that. Date. Enjoy myself and make new friendships. Life is to sort to conform to unhappiness. So I’m making my own.

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New Regiment

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So for about a little over a week now I have been doing a new hair and face regiment. I have seborhea dermatitis and that shit is itching as hell. Of course it respond to my stress levels which is so not cool.

So my mother gave me this stuff at home. I have so many products that I am always mixing and matching trying to find the perfect one.

So what I do is shampoo my hair twice or three times a week with the medicated shampoo the dermatologist gave me, then follow it up with my Fructis Shampoo and conditioner. After that I wrap an old shirt of my husband’s around my head and let it absorb what moisture it will without squeezing it. Or I will put a towel on my head and just wrap it around to get out the excess moisture. Then I will spray on Carols Daughters Black and Vanilla leave in conditioner and massage it through my thick hair. I will then put in an oil made of olive and jojoba. After that I take a nickel size amount of Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Cream Enhancing Smoothie w/coconut oil, silk protein & neem oil. It rehydrated my hair after the medicated shampoo and really does wonders for my little afro. I do that everyday.

I also take the medicated shampoo and use it as a face wash because my dermatitis is on my face as well. After I rinse my face off I put on some pure coconut oil and viola. My skin has looked better in a couple weeks than in the years of dealing with doctors.

I use coconut oil because I’m allergic to lavender. Which sucks because I can smell it, and drink it but not have it on me.

Either way I switch out the oils when I run out and I’m always making new products that are right for me so stick around for more info.

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666 Revealed (2006, 60 min)

Posted in Book reviews with tags , , , on 07/26/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

Ok I made it 1 min 17 sec in. It was that bad.

After seeing all the “names” and “faces” of Satan (including Hitler) I just turned it off.

Not even going to subject myself to the stupidity of that shit.

Rating: Sheep.

If there is something else to it, someone tell me. Because I’m not watching this.

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The Demon Within (2000, 1hr, 35 min)

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Of my life that I can not get back.

I mean I love B movies. They are normally the best but sometimes I can only take so much. I’m sure there are people who saw the movie and loved/liked it. I didn’t lol.

The plot was slow, has no idea I was even in San Francisco because everyone was speaking either Italian, French, or Spanish. With some English thrown in their. Just completely unorganized. Then the do called evil spirit, dude really? Not even worth it. I’d rather the spirit be implied than that shit they tried.

It was boring, slow, and the ending would have been better, if they thought the whole thing through. I’m not going to spoil any movie ending but yeah they could have alluded to it better.

In my book, and I like some very dumb and retarded movies, this gets a 1. Just awful.

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N.Y.P.D. Pizza

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So last night walking around Philly we decided to get something to eat. Which is surprisingly difficult since the city shuts down around 7, and only freaking clubs are open. And South Street lol.

So waking up Walnut we sort this pizza place. Who doesn’t love pizza. I know I LOVE IT! So I spot this pizza joint and I’m like let’s eat here. I need to find a good pizza place. So we walk in and out is so NY. I miss that. Walked in and my mouth was watering. So I got a slice of pizza that reminded me of the school pizza when I was in CT (born and raised). It was crunchy, cheesy, plenty of sauce and just enough grease to make it extra good. Washed it down with a sprite and my behind was good for the night lol.

If you want to stop by and get some good pizzas is on 140 South 11 Street. Absolutely good, and I can see that being a weekly spot to get a slice and just relax on the water.

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