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Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett

Posted in Book reviews with tags , , , , , on 06/28/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

So my boyfriend has been bugging me for a year to by this book. He says it will help with this, help with that, help you unlock this and transform that. I’m like alright I’ll buy it if it’ll shut you up.

Well he was right lol. It took me longer than normal to read this book with all the interruptions. But I must say this book is meant for everyone.

Throughout the book you learn a couple of methods the Two Point and the Time Travel. You will learn to “just let go” and let your imagination soar. Of course those who are already in touch with their higher self or spiritual ways can easily use these methods with your normal healing techniques and have a wonderful time helping people and yourself.

The book is roughly an hour read our do depending on your level. He gives plenty of examples, references and his website so you can see for yourself. He also invited you to attend a seminar so you can feel what everyone else is feeling. It is tempting. To attend a couple of seminars and get a first hand look.

By and by the book is worth it. You will not be disappointed.

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My heading has been going weird I can say. A good kind of weird. I started off with in my journal everyday, and keeping records every day. Then it went to two days and then further apart. But I have noticed that my anger has went down increasingly. I can transfer my hate into positive thinking and work better with my emotions. Which is what I was doing with my Patala and Earth Star.

I tried to plan everything to the T, what I would need and everything. But it just doesn’t work like that…for me at least. I thrive on the spur of the moment in my practice. It serves me well.

I like how my healing is working. It should be time to move on to my next chakra point and deity. I do still actively work with red. Whether I’m wearing it, surrounding myself in it, reading red foods; it’s always around me. And surprisingly my anger has dissipated to a very controllable level.

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Making your money stretch

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Now like most Americans I love my food and the names attached to it. But over time I realized that name brand just doesn’t do it for me. Week some things I have to have name brand because of the taste.

So today I went back to shopping at Aldi’s. Good food, low prices, good quality. So I spent $119 there and got a fridge full of good, compared to Fresh Grocer where I would have spent over $200. I know the process and if I can purchase good quality eggs fit $1.68 and not $2.39 then I’m going for it. Aldi’s focus on the customers pocket, and not the products pocket.

Now Aldi’s is not your typical grocery store. If your looking for the pretty set up, with everything in a specific order and area, you need to do somewhere else. Aldi’s gets down to business. I got some good organic food, not a lot but enough, some meats, fresh sweet fruit, almond milk, regular milk for my husband, and staples. It’s a good place to shop, and a good place to save money while still feeding your family good. I try to limit processed foods in my home. And I can still choose wisely at Aldi’s. You just have to pay attention tip what your getting.

Oh and I got my popsicles. Lol. Hey it’s summer, I need my popsicles!

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Unit B is done!

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So after like I don’t know, six months maybe I finally was able to complete my second unit in my Makeup Artistry Course.

I attend a correspondence course in Mastery of Makeup. Once I got out the service and was introduced to makeup I enrolled into Cosmetology school and I wanted more training. I’m addicted to the YouTube clips of the females who do makeup. Those chicks are talented. I follow a lot of them.

I have four more units to go. My problem is I had no models. Them hoes backed out because I didn’t want to go to a damn play party. Screw that. My education and advancement will always come before dick and pussy. I swear people are misguided nowadays.

Either way I am excited about my next course. Granted I think I do wonderful makeup and once I have my website set up perfectly it will be linked in. I am still working on it I didn’t forget. You have to see the woman behind the crazy all inclusive blog sometime.

Oh, and before I forget. I attend QC Makeup Academy based in Silver Spring, MD. They do have tutors and give you feedback via mp3. You can call to talk to them as well and Makeup is just one of the many courses they offer. Shameless plug for a school I love 🙂

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Designing your own major?

Posted in Buzz Worthy Posts with tags , , on 06/26/2013 by Keona-Mlh aka Beauty by LTL

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I have read journal reports, articles and blogs. There are two positions. Parents and employers and students and colleges.

The former. Parents and employers. Parents seem to always tell their children what to do. Where to go. And how they are supposed to go to college to earn a living with a good major and job. But how many people you know who have a graduate degree and/or bachelor’s degree and work as janitors, cashier, or in jobs in which they literally spent thousands of dollars to make minimum wage. Why do parents force their young children to conform. What is an acceptable major? Who is to decide what is appropriate? With employers they just look for the highest college gpa, and the name of the college. They rarely care about any skills. I’ve seen it, I’ve been on the end of it and it’s just disgusting. Making kids take a proper major so they can confirm is just as bad as telling them that a college education is the only way to make a living. We have a good amount of people who either failed college, or never went who make an insane amount of money.

Students and colleges are the ones who should decide. A student should major in a program that makes them happy. I can’t tell you how many dumb ass chicks I’ve came across that has a degree in chemistry and I ah then what they plan to do with it and they don’t know. Their parents told them it was a good major and I’m like idiots. The guys pretty much have a better clue. If you like to swim and animals, become an underwater vet. I’m pretty sure you will find a job. He’ll if you can dream it, you can make money from it. If you love did and science he’ll maybe you want to create edible cup cake holders. Shit if there can be a market go for it. Your advisor well definitely tell you if it’s realistic or not and work with you. Sometimes colleges have to many majors to choose from and not everyone can have a triple major, double minor and a concentration lol. By designing your own major and working within your college system you can graduate with your own or a major shift in which you can satisfy their retirement tpd while getting your personalized education.

The reason I’m even discussing this is because for so long I just can not find a college that can meet my educational goal. I’m tired of being interested in a college and find out it doesn’t offer biochemistry, or German. Our it only offers biology. I mean really?!

So I chose to look at colleges in which I can design my own or work with what they have and add in what I need for my vision. Face it college is damn near two hundred thousand dollars. Depending on where you go, what you need for all for our five years. Time spent and misc. So if your going to drop damn near a house in loans make it count. Go to ask to further your own dreams. Not employers out your parents.

You just might be the CFO/CEO of a field that you design in which others have like minds.

Imagine anything and it will be reality.

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