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So today I am foregoing using my phone. It is turned off and I’m living in the now. Granted I’m blogging, but today was a normal day.

I got up, showered and headed to the store with my husband. We caught the bus there and walked. On the way is my new favorite bookstore. The Last Word Bookshop on 40th St in Philly. They have literally hundreds of used and rare books. Every time I go in I come out with like five to six books. The prices are so reasonable. But I will gush about them in a later category. After like an hour and a couple of purchases we left. Walked the ten blocks home and just enjoyed the scenery. The cool breeze. The sun warning my skin. It was a glorious day to do some energy feeding as well.

I miss those days. I will have more of them, help practice my photography and to share my work.

Every one should unplug. Get some sun and enjoy the breeze.


Today’s Observation

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It is hot lol. I actually like the heat. All last week it was very cool because of the rain. Which I loved. It felt good to smell the rain and hear the rain screaming to the ground. I wish I was outside in the rain. But hell the way people are and their driving up here I would have been hit by freaking car.

But today is just a relaxing day. I played video games and just relaxed. I don’t do that as often as I used to but it is getting better as time comes around.

I should be google chatting with my family tonight for a wonder mass. I haven’t attended mass in months so it will feel good getting back to all the energy and conversing with my people.

Matter of fact I should be getting ready now.

Talk to you guys later :-*

Bliss (an erotic story)

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I am in my pink and black bra and panty set with matching thigh highs and garter belt. I am kneeling in front of you with my head held down. I tell you how I want to you to control me, and how I will submit to everything you decide to do with me. I give you the gift of my submission, my slavery. You are the one I have been waiting for. I want to be your pet, a pretty pet, and delectable slave. My collar is in my hand, and with my head still bent I present it to you. It’s time for me to be collared. To have you hold that chain and extend to me your wants and desires.

When I was allowed to look up, you were in front of me nude. You grabbed my hair and rammed your dick down my throat. Even though I was struggling for air you didn’t stop. Instead you sped up, face fucking me and moving deeper down my throat. After you was satisfied with the performance you lifted me by my hair and pushed me on to the bed. On all fours you pulled my panties down, but left everything else on. You let the chain fall from your hand as you grabbed my hips and proceeded to enter me. I could feel my pussy expand and grip you as you entered me. You were only half way in when I started trembling. Giving a short laugh you started stroking me, hitting my G spot. I couldn’t hold back my moans. You just felt so good. You started going deeper and deeper into me, with me letting out a squeak of surprise. My legs where trembling and I was cumming from you being completely in me. You wrap the chain around your hand and pull on it, with every stroke you give me.

You push my head into the bed as you fuck me deep and rhythmically. I am lost in the moment as I feel your thumb play with my ass. I felt it go in me and I couldn’t hold back and creamed all over your dick. You laughed than place two fingers in my ass, priming me for what you really wanted. You used my pussy juices to lube my ass. When you were satisfied that I was open enough you pulled out and entered my ass.

Your head went in fine with no problems, but there was resistance with the shaft. You pushed in anyway. Slowly coming out and going deeper with each stroke. I let out a cry of pain, but it felt so good. You proceeded to continue stroking going deeper each time. By now my body is hot, legs are shaking. I’m in a world of ecstasy. With one hand on my chain, and one on my hips, you ram your entire dick in my ass. I scream out and you just keep stroking. I cum over and over again, my juices running down my thighs, making a puddle beneath me on the bed.I feel every inch of you deep in my ass, muscles contracting around your dick, wanting you to fuck me till you’re satisfied.

After what seems like hours of you fucking my ass, you are about to cum. You pull out, grab my head and shove your dick down my throat. Your cum hits the back of my throat and slides down. You pull out with your dick still hard. You push me back to the bed, and push into my pussy. You pin one of my legs back to drive deeper into my pussy, going balls deep. Another hour passes and you are once again cumming. This time you pin both legs back, grab my hands and stick your tongue down my throat. Your orgasm is building up. With a few more thrusts, a very powerful orgasm erupts from you, filling me up. I can feel your dick shooting your cum deep inside me. The power and feeling is almost unremarkable, as I feel myself drift from consciousness under the control of the one thing that makes my life complete.

My First Session

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My first spanking was pretty damn fun. Of course I was nervous as hell and had no clue what to expect. Was I going to be in over my head? Was I going to cry and want to go home? Would I be uncomforable, even though I was comfortable with him? But none of that happened. I did a lot of laughing I tell you that lol.

I changed into my dress so it would be easier to do the spankings and the others toys I was curious in trying. I was a little nervous but that heighten the experience. He lift my dress up slowly and I was like ok here we go lol. He touched me to make sure I wouln’t be surprised when it beganned. Prior we went over the methods, and the safe words and what we were and weren’t doing that day. He said “Now” and I was preparing for his hand to hit my butt, but it was a delay an caught me off guard lol. It was a 5 almost 6 (in pain tolerance) and it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. I have never been spanked except from the occassional ass hit from my man. So after I swear he was playing the drums on my ass I was like whew, that wasn’t bad. He calmed my ass with ice and that felt good lol.

Next was the riding crop. Now that was a shock. It hurt but not enough for me to want to stop. It is defintely intense, and something I would want to try again in the future. I can’t say I didnt like it, but not sure how I liked it. Again he soothed my ass with the ice and it melted fast, guess my ass was hot.

Next was my favorite. The deer skin whips. I swear it was like a lullaby. No matter how hard he hit me (and I am sure he was holding back since it was my first time), the more relax I felt. It is undescribable, but I am pretty sure that I can be whipped with that for hours on end and never tire of it. By the Gods I can still imagine the feel.

During my spanking he placed a leather whip under my face, so know when I smell leather, I know what I will be thinking about lol.

Next was something that had me squirming that I will try again and see how long I can last. The single tail whip. When he cracked the whip it woke my ass up. Literally lol. We had to laugh because my reaction was like what in the hell lol. That whip is no joke. But as it danced over my ass I couldn’t just relaxed, I was squirming (in a good way), but couldn’t move as I was chained to the table. It had me breathing deep and then holding my breath, and it was amazing. That sting was and is something I will never forget. I had to call my safe word on that one. I was a little dissappointed though, I thought I could last longer but he said I did good.

Next toy had me in love. I smelled alcohol, and heard a clink. I immediately perked up and tried to figure out what the hell that was. Than I felt the blade of the knife slide over my ass. Now that is a feeling that can bring a girl to her knees (maybe if I wasn’t chained lol). The blade went over, and under, up and down and sideways and in arcs all across my ass. What was left was a beautiful SOS pattern, you remember playing that game in school. I was like this has to be explored. It is the top of my list now.

Then since we had sometime left we tried some other things. We tried the nipple clamps and the sucker thingy lol…have no clue what it is called…and didn’t like it. The clamps wouldn’t stay on, but those damn clothespin stayed on lol!!! It was cool but not a favorite, my nipples are to be loved. However having my breast hit with the riding crop felt good 🙂

Then the last toy was the violet wand. I was already jumping with eyes wide because I saw sparks lol. It didnt help he had James Bond music playing in the backround lol (okay it did help). He put this attachment in it and when he touched me he shocked me. Here comes the giggles. I could not help my myself it was intense and it tickled me at the same time. Jumping around, handcuffed to the wall being shocked all over. But it was amazing and I really want to play with that again.

So after all the fun was over I found the meaning of aftercare. It was relaxing, though I wish it lasted longer. But for my first time I think I did good in playing with a lot of toys, figuring out what I liked and didn’t and what I would like to try and explore with again. I know there are some new things I want to try next so I am looking forward to that.

All in all I had a wonderful time and can’t way to play and try new things.

Rising from the Dead

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It has been a while since I have written anything, or even been online in a public way…sort of. I left all the social communities, tired of the dumb asses, bitches, niggas, and idioticity on both sides. I left to grow and work on me, my bad manners and the jackass sluts and faggots that I have had the unfortunate pleasure of interacting with. All I saw was people only wanting to fuck each other, tear each other open, and act like fucking idiots. I participated and was like wow, I should have known better.

Well now I am a completely aggressive bitch. I have very little respect for anyone in the occult community or in human life in general. I value myself and the people I interact with very highly. Why would I want to be around dumb asses who only want to have a following. I side with only one org, never to side with any other org ever again. My heart stays true to  those who aren’t full of shit. That is hard to find as pretty much everyone is out for dolo. But hey you can’t blame them but you can ignore the feces that come out of there mouth.

I am more true and open to who I am. I have dealt with a bunch of shit, I have given my baby so to speak over to a dick and his followers who did not deserve anything that I gave them. If it wasn’t for me the site would not have been up, and people would not be able to know shit. Yes I have that much bravado in what I created.

She is dead, never to be what she was, she past away long before any real damage can and was done. I can say no that majority of the people that I have came in contact with if truly hope is dead or dying, or close to death. I allowed them to be the death of who I was turning into, and gave that up for supposed friendship. Fuck friends. Fuck people in general. If you don’t keep yourself going all they will do is keep you as a number of the miserable food that you allowed them to turn you into. People use and abuse you, and you are dumb enough to let it happen.

So I say fuck everyone I have ever encountered between October 2008 in San Diego, CA through August 2012 in Washington, DC (of course for those who know I hold them in a high regard and it isn’t a lot of them but they know who they are because of how I treat them). You were the worst bunch of people I have ever met, and I truly hope you suffer the worst mishap of your miserable ass lives including your families, your work and your kids 🙂 However I am so glad and fortunate to have met you all because with all of you I wouldn’t be who I am I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have learned so quickly. You were the reason why I had speedy learning. It would have taken me a few more years to be where I was at that point in time. I honestly believe it should have waited. But hey, you false prophets helped move me along, so I truly hope you choke on all the pain you have delivered to people in your unfortunate time on this earth. 🙂

I am rebuilding, the strength is rising and I am not holding back on shit. At times my post will be just crazy in themselves, they will be thought provoking and basically what people know of me and how I deliver only how I can.

I look forward to people reading, commenting (of course I know negative comments will fly, I mean what is the internet but full of pussies who hide behind screen names and screens), and just the basic interaction.

You all know me. You have read some of the things I have posted. You have met me. I am a Goddess. Why would I be less. Shouldn’t we all think of ourselves as the best that there is? Yes we should. As much as I can’t stand the human race in general, everyone has a right to say, do and act as they are. Just some of us are a waste oxygen, and our atoms should implode from the massive storage of bullshit; but they make the world go round.

There will be more categories than last blog, only one site as having more than one I just don’t feel like doing at this moment.

I’m back and I’m wearing my ovaries on the outside boyz 🙂


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