26 Occult Books I want to Read this Year

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26 Occult Books I want to Read this year

I decided to get back on my reading challenges. One of my friends added me to a group she created called 52 books, and I used that as my challenge for how many books I will read for the Goodreads challenge. I want to do this as a minimum. I have over 6,000 books in various formats that I want to get through. I mean I have a lot of shit to read lol. But this year I have 26 occult works that I really want to get through. When I mean Occult, I mean grimoires, Dark Art workings, nonfiction, Eastern Disciplines, all the New Age shit and what not.  Here is my list. Now I have a lot more, but there are just the ones that I want to start or reread, or even finish this year.


Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews (FINISHED)

Lilith Dark Feminine Archetype (FINSIHED)

Karma- yoga and Bhakti-yoga by Swami Vivekananda (CURRENTLY READING)

Bound by Blood by S. Connolly (CURRENTLY READING)

The Llewelyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment by Weshcke & Slate

Walking the Twilight Path by Michelle Belanger

You Are Psychic by Pete A. Sanders Jr.  (REREADING)

Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock

Magical States of Consciousness by Denning & Phillips

Planetary Magick by Denning & Phillips (REREADING)

The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish (REREADING, I swear I read this book every year. It is my fav)

Eastern Body Western Body by Anondea Judith (REREADING)

Divine Meditations by Mike King (REREADING)

The God Genes Decoded viol 1-3 by R. A. Waldon

Isis Magick by M. Isidora Forrest

Initiation into Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spiritualism by Dr. Muata Ashby

Voodoo in Haiti by Alfred Metraux

Glorious Light Meditation by Dr. Muata Ashby

Egyptian Yoga the Philosphy of Enlightenment by Dr. Muata Ashby

The Apophenion A Chaos Magician Paradigm by Peter J. Carroll (REREADING)

The Octavo by Peter J. Carroll (REREADING)

Hands on Chaos Magick BY Andriech Vitimus (REREADING)

Necronomicon Gnosis by Asenath Mason

Kasdeya Rite of Ba’al Blood Rite of the Fifth Satan by S, Connolly


This list was hard to think of. I have so many books that is was difficult to figure out which ones. But these serve a specific purpose for this year’s workings. If I can read more of them, than I will. I want to come back in 6 months and see how far I have gotten. That will help me figure out the other books I want to read.




Lilith Dark Feminine Archetype by Temple of Ascending Flame

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I have been looking forward to this book since it was announced. Lilith is, after all my Spiritual Mother. I also contributed to this work, which is on page 17 (shameless plug). I just finished reading it this morning and I loved it all. I will actually go through the rituals during my sign of Scorpio. What better way to work with Lilith then during the time of Scorpio.

So let’s jump right in. This book comes in hardcover and paper book, 162 pages, with the rest being a list of books available which I always love when authors include them. There are 19 essays, rituals, poems, experiences, and guided meditations in this book. They are very wonderful in just reading, Plus you get to get a feel of each practitioner and how they related to the goddess, feel their experience and then try their rituals out for yourself. I will only point out a few of the rituals.

Fire and Lust by Asenath Mason and Rev Bill Duvendack brings you into the world of Lilith and her consort, one of many, Asmodeus (who is my spiritual Father so I was really excited when I was reading this). The invocation of these two will have your creative juices really rolling when you engage in this ritual. It can be done alone or with a partner, and the energy that is amassed and utilized in a productive manner will bring a lot of fruition to those performing it.

The Vase of Lilith by Nemo V, is a ritual that brings or pulls in the energy of Lilith with each offering giving. I actually decided to try a small version of it today. It worked out perfectly!

Invocation of Lilith bu Katie Anderson is a beautiful ritual to connect to that fire deep within, and Lilith helps you to release it. This ritual was very beautiful and so is the picture that she created as well.

Black Moon Lilith by Mike King is an invocation in becoming one with the Goddess and having her show you exactly what is needed to help you grow. When she joins with you, you will never be able to look at the world again in the same light, and that is worth it in itself.

There are a quite a few more rites, rituals both 7 and 5 days, and path workings, and even more with essays of deep knowledge about Lilith, and her mysterious origins. Reading the poems and the experiences that these practitioners have had with Lilith and how they communicate with her, is a feeling that I cannot put into words.

I already do my own workings with Mother, but I can’t wait to give the rituals and path workings in this book a run through. I schedule my workings and so I have enough time to get the materials and can actually have time for them. So this I will be looking forward to towards the Veil becoming thinner.

5 out of 5 as this is a complete grimoire of workings that will keep you busy for a few.

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews

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I remember I picked this boo up last year, like in September of so and after reading a few pages I sat it back down. I didn’t want to read another A&P book. And my first thought was this is another damn textbook and I am burnt out from school. But I decided to give it another go after asking my boyfriend which yoga book I should read. He choose this one and I figured, hey, why not give it a shot again. I am glad I did.

I only have a year of A&P under my belt and I did find it a little distracting trying to remember all the medical names of the bones and muscles and tendons in the body, and not to mention the terminology for yoga that I am not really familiar with. But that didn’t deter me, I kept on moving forward, flipping back if I needed to see what a word meant.

What I like about this book is that it goes through a pretty in-depth explanation of all the muscles and how they relate to a particular asana. What this book contains is 276 pages, 11 chapters of anatomy and how it relates to the individuals body and the basic principles behind them. Within the 11 chapters 6 of them are divided by asanas (standing, sitting, kneeling, supine, prone and arm support) which makes it easy for me, personally, to figure out which asanas I want to start with and how to divide them up and combine them on certain days of practice.

With the breakdown of how the muscles act with the body I can understand the positions better, being that I am in the medical field and I always want to have good blood flow to the tissues and the rest of my body this was actual a perfect read for me to start my year off with. I will and can be more mindful of how I stretch and what positions I put my body into. Be more cautious of pulling or pushing myself, and understanding it isn’t about touching my forehead to the floor, but more about giving my spine the stretch that it needs. I can also focus more on my breathing when it comes to certain positions and how to really breathe correctly.

I took quite a few notes from this book, and with a couple weeks practice, I will have a very easy , and body friendly yoga practice that I can commit to and not overdo. I have a tendency to overdo things. A lot lol.  I have always wanted to do yoga and this book was the perfect stepping stone for me to start my practice.

I totally recommend this book if you want to understand how the muscles in your body and bones and breathing work with one another in your different asanas.

5 out of 5

2018 Book Challenge 

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I fell off last year and only logged like 4 books. So this year I’m going for 52. I mean if I can binge watch these shows, then I cam binge a book. 

I’m trying to do 26 Occult and 26 Fiction books this year. I want to clear out my kindle and my book shelf so I can purchase more books lol. 

So the first book of the year is Yoga Anatomy. It has very good reviews and I want to work on yoga and breathing techniques this month so I can incorporate it into my daily workings. 

You already know a review will be done after I am finished and I will be taking notes on it. Then after I do the practical applications I will share how they have impacted my practices. 

#domagick The Beginning 

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This was the perfect ending to a very hectic and stressful year. I learned so much more about myself and others. I have met a lot of new people that I know will guide me and be beneficial this year. I have a full year ahead and lots of projects. Not to mention I’m graduating, again lol, and will be back in the medical field. That frees me up to work, and take a break from school for a couple years and get shit back on track.

It also frees me up to be able to go deeper with my writings and devote time to some time consuming projects and workings that are being done this year. 

Below is my altar, cleaned up and recharged for the new year and a picture of spread. It’s already posted on my tumblr account. 

#domagick Day 30

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Hecate, Lady of the House of Baal

The perfect ending.

I don’t remember her coming. It’s like I sat down, closed my eyes and she was there. She called me her daughter. Said I am the dark feminine, as all her children are.  She changed into a spider and started running away, so I shifted and caught up to her. Then we turned into snakes, then dogs. 2 black dogs. We were howling at the moon and then we were joined by a pack of white dog/wolf hybrids. I shifted to a third person view, and there I saw Her in front, me close behind and a huge pack of the white hybrids running with us  in a dark forest,  hunter green sky, mist above the treelines. We ran through the forest and ended up at a crossroad that had a temple statue of her surrounded by candles.  Tons of candles. I stopped and stood up. She seared a symbol in my flesh, blessed it. Said it was protection, healing and guidance but I don’t know what it looks like. It was not shown to me.
 I turned my head right, and saw a dirt path I turned my head left and saw Her. I got up and she turned into another animal, and we ran down the path to a black tall castle. It had candles in every window. When I went in, the candles were burning and the wax burnt down into thick, red, sticky blood. It covered my feet, it was really warm and stained them. I looked down and I was at the temple again. I saw her and she turned into a white horse and ran down the path to a cave. I shifted and chased after Her. The cave I can’t describe it. Nor the first animal she shifted into. It was weird. It felt like I was drinking. With the wavy vision, and weird room tilting.

 I looked back and I was at the temple again with Her. She shifted to a black bird and we took off in flight. We ended up diving towards the ground and into the dirt. Tunneling all the way to a throne room. She cupped my face and said that she knows I will do what needs to be reach, for my goal.

She no card is needed. She is the Matron of the House of Baal. 

She was the perfect ending to this 30 day Challenge. I have a lot more work to do with my House, as it is apart of my spiritual practice. I have all I needed, and will ever need to start my 2018 off right. A lot of self work, a lot of dedication and stronger focusing on newer activities.  This meditation, really helped me to see that a quick 30 min in the morning is good to kick the day off right. 

#domagick Day 29

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3 more days left in this challenge. It ends on the 1st of Jan making it a little over 30 days.

Asuachi’s meditation was more like a talking. Nothing new was shown, just clarification. More personal advice and workings to get started on. It was a wonderful feeling, so many blessings. 

No card was drawn. 

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