#domagick The Heart wants what it wants

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I honestly am dreading this tarot spread lol. I know my heart chakras need alignment. I know there are things that are weighing heavy on my heart that I need to let go, and things that I need to embrace.

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This is the pose that I am doing and man doe sit open up the chakra to get right. When I was going into this new yoga pose, I was sleeping trying to figure out which pose would be right. I think and felt the pressure in this. I felt the cracking of my chest and I knew this was the right one.

This morning I was thinking of the chakra again and saw the word BAEL and a pink slash right after it. I took that as a sign to work with Bael, focus on his energy while I do this working for the next 3 days.

My tarot spread wasn’t as brutal as I was thinking it would be. I do have an abundance of love, and gentleness being given towards me, along with a very loving protectiveness that surrounds me all the time. I do need to let go some fights that aren’t worth it, because the energy is against me and there are some lessons that would be better for me NOT to learn , or there will be problems later on down the line. In understanding what unconditional love is I have to learn that broken promises, and unfulfilled promises may be delayed, if not left all together. Just because I won’t have everything I feel , doesn’t mean I am not loved. Love is compromise, love is meeting the person halfway, and then moving forward together. Disappointment is a part of life, and that also includes how you love and who you love.  You either in it all the way or you are not. So the spread was more reassuring and comforting. I felt them align and I have some work to do, like with the others, and I look forward to it.


#domagick The Eye is Opening

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I look forward to working and cleansing this chakra. I am a natural born psychic/medium, and my sight is my life. I also have a pituitary tumor that makes it difficult to focus when I am under stress, or when I am focusing in trying to really see further or through cloudy situations. My migraines have been getting more frequent, and I am looking into the essential oils that I can rub into my third eye and my occipital bone for relief in shrinking it, as well as this tea I researched in school.

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My chakra spread indicated that I have pain and blockage, with uncertainty and the reliance on my sight makes me second guess myself at times. Which only confirmed my suspicions, even though the lab results where low and within range, I know better.  My darkness is searching for the light, to help complete lit. I am mostly balanced, always, with my dark always tipping the scales lol. But I am a dark magician so what do you expect.  The messages that are coming to me are playful but also misleading. What I see is the ending for a new beginning, however no matter how hard my nosy butt tries, I can’t see any further. My future is truly a mystery to me. I am kind of enjoying it.  I need to work on trusting myself and protection. After taking these into consideration, I will have a wealth of understanding and knowledge beyond what I know now, in addition to calmness.

This is the pose and the hand placement I will use. I have used this before I ever saw it, years ago. So I will be doing it with more intent these next 3 days.

#domagick Final Day

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Today has been a bad day. No school due to me still feeling sick. but I was able to talk to my baby for a few hours so that helped me get a better line of communication with her, as we have been just to busy to really get that qt in.

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My migraine came back and my throat starting to hurt and feel scratchy again, and then I was just done foe a while. This chakra has been hell for me.

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But I made it through. Tomorrow is another day, the start of my third eye. This is going to be interesting, because I have a tumor on my pituitary so I wonder how these next four days are going to be.

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#domagick The Sickness

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So I woke up with the stiff neck, swollen throat and terrible migraine. I still managed to do my pose and meditation even with the discomfort.

Went to class, took an exam and left, couldn’t continue. Eyes were blurry, throat wad hurting and I felt nauseated.

Came home had some theraflu, soup, and lit my candle and tried to work some healing magick. I had my babies help me and they were sending me energy while my bf was working on me woke up refresh hours later, and now I’m calling out of school for tomorrow lol. Talk about one hell of a day with my chakra lol.

Tomorrow should be interesting to say the least.

#domagick Sore Throat

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I awoke with a sore throat. Great, what a way to work with the chakra. On my cycle for the sacral and know a sore throat for the throat lol. Man. Anyway, I got up and did my morning meditation, noting how bright the light is shining. I then did the lions pose, and it was very enlightening. I felt the, I felt a growing and pulling from my throat. I felt it swell, I felt it heat up.

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This pose was really weird, but the overall effect that I received from it was very opening to say the least. I did it a few times, and each time i felt clearing, without the soreness in my throat. But for that I also am drinking peppermint tea. I don’t want to take advantage and think it is nothing and then be sick as a dog. I will be making sure I am fine so I don’t get sick. I haven’t been sick this whole season or in years, and I don’t plan on being sick now.

My meditation this morning was a lot longer than the norm, and it was a welcome change.

#domagick Throat Chakra

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To be honest this is the scariest chakra for me to work on. Even more so than the heart. Why? Because I have a difficult time expressing myself via words. My actions can be abrupt or misleading because I have a fucked up way of communicating with people. This is more so the case with 2 of my partners, both Geminis’, who are nothing but communication. So I have to figure out how to really express myself with it sounding like I don’t care, or I am overly emotional. It is such a balancing act that it irks me lol.

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It is the one chakra that I have to constantly monitor, one that I constantly worry about, the only one in which I am concerned more than the others. I did a spread and of course I have things to hammer out. I always do. It seems to be the chakra that needs like a lifetime of working done on it. I always make 2 steps forward but 90 back and it is frustrating. Finding my voice is a lot more difficult than what I have ever imagined it would be. I can barely let the truth of my own self escape my lips, let I council others and expose the truth they refuse to listen to and see. I guess it is always like that, you can give great advice but can’t follow your own.

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This is the pose that I will be doing. It looks weird and I have no doubt will feel weird as hell to do. But I do understand the purpose of it, and why this position helps. In releasing and opening up and loosening those vocal cords. Giving you that go for the release of voice, the release of self. These next three days and tonight should be very wonderful, and of course fucking nerve-racking just because of how I am and my fear with this chakra. But I shouldn’t be scared. I should just let it flow from me, give in and relax and let it tumble out. Not be mean spirited to myself but just try to do some exercises that will help push me forward.

An interesting time indeed.

#domagick The Lock and Key

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This morning my candles shown brightly more than I have ever seen it do so far. The light that extended was just amazing. Doing my yoga pose, I felt and heard and saw the alignment of my three hearts, heard them lock and saw the bright pink slash just go through them. I felt peace, I felt relaxation. I know what I have to do to maintain this feeling and move forward, The New Moon spread correlates to my Heart chakra spread and it always leads me on a good path. Tomorrow is the throat and I can’t wait to see what needs to be said.

#domagick The Heart Moves

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I can say this working has got me being more open in my relationships. Expressing myself more freely and feeling very light. Feeling very happy, feeling very different. I like how this feels. This is getting better and tomorrow is the last day of the heart before I move on to the throat.

My last four days will be doing all 7 poses within my 15 minute time frame before i start my day. With proper breathing I can’t wait to see the outcome.

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