A Look Back

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When I was younger, I didn’t have those childhoods that those in the occult say they did. You know, playing with witches, and not being interested in “normal childhood activities”.  I loved playing with dolls, action figures, stuffed animals and board games and video games. I love sports, I enjoy them all really, and I never was one that gravitated to only the “occulty” items in the store. I love pink, and other bright colors, and I stayed to myself and never really left the house. I definitely wasn’t trying to open the veil or look for creatures, them fuckers found me and I just dealt with it. It scared the shit out of me, but hell it isn’t like I really had anyone to talk to about it, even know I have a very select few I can talk about things with.

I never wanted to escape my reality and move into another dimension as a child. As an adult I want to get the fuck away from all these fuckers and humans and never be bothered again. I really can murk everyone in my life and have no problem sitting in jail for it, it has become that bad. As a child I only focused on the mundane, even though the spiritual was pulling me; I always resisted.

I didn’t really fall into it until I was 10, and even then for 3 years I was going through literally hell and psychosis in fighting against my gift, my calling, and my blood. I started writing more, and it was a part of my life that I loved. I started to get deeper into the darker things and aspects of life around that age, and it all centered on death. Only death, and torture, i even won awards when I was younger on my murder stories. I guess it concerned some of the people at the ceremonies that a child under 10, wrote a better murder/torture story then teenagers. It is a gift what can I say.

Almost 30 years later, and I want to connect to this feelings and actions again. but in a more constructive and better applied way. Focusing on my chosen path and gifts, understanding what They are showing me, and letting it flow through me with guidance and help from others who words actually mean something to me.

Being able to think, and have things shown to you, to lose a lot of shit, and watch people fall away in front of you, really makes you think…what is next.

Well I know, and it isn’t worrying about anyone else. It is what it is. All I am thinking about honestly is some chicken nuggets, fries, maybe pizza and wings, some beer, tacos, and dessert. Can’t forget the wine and mac and cheese. It really is the only thing that makes sense in this world. And animals, they are the best!


June Month Bust

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SO I called myself doing a Body/Mind/Soul detox and yoga/pilates lol. Well that went to shit the first week. I did start reading a couple of books, but the amount of researchable wrong information that they put in it made me stop. I just threw them in the trash, and we know how I am with books and other reading material. But I wouldn’t pass that on to anyone at all.

Instead I just wrote three rituals I am doing for my love’s order, and a connection for my research into the 7 Heads. I do have a decent August working coming up. I am working on collecting 365 tarot spreads so I can do a reading a day. At first I thought that I was going to do specific ones per day, well besides the moons and the sabbats, the others will be done whenever I pull them. It should be interesting. I have collected 290, thanks in part of my AA tarot group that posts some amazing spreads.

I am thinking of making 4 jars a month. No matter what it be, but to get more hands on. Be it teas (currently working on), root workings, incenses, or whatever else I can think of, I want it to be more natural to me.

I do need to make a few lists for the items I need and just by a lot of shit and stock myself up so I don’t have to keep modifying workings. Though I don’t need them, they do help the focus. I think making a few of my supplies as oppose to buying will always strengthen my workings, but it will also awaken more ideas and talents within me.

I spent this month focusing on class as I am in my toughest class yet Hematology. Man it is a bitch lol. I will have to do an updated academic post on my long and unexpected journey into more bullshit, but closer to my goal.

That is about it for now. I will be posting more when August comes for the workings. So stay tune.

10 Card Read Day 30 (Last day)

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Today is the last day of my 30 day Tarot Read challenge. I was able to read everyday, although I may have not posted on time everyday. But its on my laptop, and not my phone and I won’t put it on my phone so I can unplug every now and again.

I have had a really good time working with my Divination Goddess Gremory and Ipos on the last few days of my readings. These cards, the Thoth Deck are truly beautiful and on point with the readings.

4 water, 4 air, 2 earths

Where are you now, potential/challenges, what to focus on, your past, your strengths, near future, suggested approach, what you need to know, hopes and fears, your potential future.


The Decision Day 29

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4 earth, 1 air, 1 fire, 1 trump

This is my grounding spread for real. To stop always jumping for others and finally be true to me, because it is obvious that people are so confused with themselves that they just destroy any and all help that is in their path.

Current situation, reason, change, no change, aids and warnings concerning actions and attitudes, my task, advice to follow.


7 Card Progression Day 28 (Late)

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3 water, 2 earth, 2 trumps

This read was really interesting with the card draw, and the order.

Past, saw yourself, circumstances, influences, affect on you, outcome


Spirit Spread Day 27 (Late)

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I literally had a rough few days so this is why they were late, but shit happens and we keep moving with the punches.

2 fire, 2 trumps, 1 water

Connection to the spirit, limiting and release, strengthening, physical life manifestation, outcome


Ancestor Spread Day 26 (late)

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It has been busy so let’s get down to business.

2 air, 2 fire, 2 earth, 1 water. pretty decent in balance

Ancestors that are present, the relationship to me, messages for me, follow the messages, healing messages, honor them, connect with them